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Want to be a Bella Belle bride on your wedding day? You will after you’ve seen their latest bridal collection…

The luxury shoe label brings a beautifully fresh, bridal shoe aesthetic to the table with its elegant, enchanting designs. Prepare to fall in love with incredible embroidery, show-stopping beading and embellishment, and a haul of chic styles that you’ll want to wear forever more (not just on the big day).

I particularly have a penchant for the label’s Florence style with their sheer detailing, milky teardrop stones and divine cross ankle straps. You can just imagine these beauties peeping out beneath a voluminous tulle skirt. For those who like a bit of bling, you’ll love Bella Belle’s Filipa style. Think romantic strap details, a soft metallic sheen and glittering jewels. 

You can rest assured, bride-to-be, that each and every shoe in the Bella Belle collection is created with the up-most care and high-quality materials. The brand’s shoes are lined with luxuriously soft leather and cushioned with thick padding for that must-have comfort for the big day. You’ll also delight in the label’s signature blue box which your Bella Belle beauties will arrive in. Lovingly made, and lovingly packaged, you won’t be able to wait to take to the aisle in them…

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All images are sourced from Bella Belle Shoes/Kurt Boomer Photography

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