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Are you a bride-to-be on the hunt for some key BIG DAY accessories with a timeless vintage vibe? The third jewellery collection by Rosie Fortescue has arrived and could be just the thing! Scroll down to discover the new line and read my Q&A with Rosie herself...

#1 After the success of your two prior jewellery collections, what kind of vibe did you want to create with collection three?
"I have really taken my time with collection three to design items with a timeless feel. The collection is chunkier, has less stones and has a lovely vintage feel."
#2 Are there any new materials that you've brought in for the new line?
"I am still using all four (gold, rose gold, black rhodium and silver) as I love the idea of mixing and matching the metals."

#3 What inspired the new collection?
"I was actually inspired by a ring my mother has had since she was my age. It's one I always used to try on as a child and really captured my imagination when designing this collection."
#4 What would you say is signature to your jewellery brand?
"I would say the signatures are my Heartbeat rings, hand cuffs and new earrings. They were so popular in the silver and black rhodium last collection that I have brought them out in gold and rose gold too!"

#5 Could you imagine brides-to-be wearing your collections down the aisle?
"I actually already have a friend who wants to wear my Silver Heartbeat Hand Cuff for her wedding this summer!"
#6 What particular pieces from the new line do you think could work for bridal in particular?
"I think the Tight Chain necklaces are super cute as they are so delicate and sit perfectly on the collar bone. My Huggy Hoops are also very delicate and easy to wear for someone who didn't want statement jewellery."
#7 Would you ever design a bridal jewellery collection? If so, what types of pieces would it include and what brand of dresses would you pair the line with?

"I think depending on the person, any jewellery can be bridal according to your style. My Hand Cuffs are the perfect statement piece to be worn with an engagement ring and wedding band but keeping the colours neutral to me is key!" 

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All images are sourced from Rosie Fortescue Jewellery 

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