10 things to do the moment you get engaged | Explained in gifs

Image: Chosen by One Day (campaign credits below) 
Did he put a ring on it? CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you! This is going to be one hell of a journey bride-to-be....

Here's 10 things you need to do now... 

#1 Celebrate (just like this *LOLS*) 

#2 Tell everyone as quickly as possible, including your local supermarket check-out person (because they deserve to know too, right!?). 
P.s. Shouting from the rooftop Monica-from-Friends-style is optional. 

#3 Take an engagement ring #selfie

#4 CRY uncontrollably 

#5 Log on to BRIDAL EDITOR for some instant dress and accessory inspiration...(plus, a good dose of gif-action and bridal LOLS) 

#6 Start planning the engagement party...in ULTIMATE style (I'm thinking: pink flamingo pool floats, sparklers, a gold mirrored dance floor, a giant engagement ring made out of ice..). 
Hmmmm....Maybe don't tell husband-to-be about said ice engagement ring sculpture....yet.  

#7 Sign up to every bridal magazine subscription available... 

#8 Sign up to receive the BRIDAL EDITOR newsletter! Just click here

#9 Check out BRIDAL EDITOR's Diary Dates section for all the latest Trunk Shows and sales! Click here

#10 Finally, BREATHE. This is going to be quite the journey wifey-to-be, and Bridal Editor's with you all the way... 

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