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Photography: Nick Ilott Photography 

If you hadn't realized yet, wifey-to-be, the sales are well under way, meaning it's a brilliant time for you to stop what you're doing (which might range from anything from screwing up the table plan in utter frustration to forcing your bridesmaid into a bridesmaid dress) and purchase some of those wedding-related must-haves (and off-duty-bridal picks of course) at a discounted price! #HURRAH You see my face above? YEP. That's the expression you get not only when you get married, but when you hear that wonderful four lettered word: SALE. 

First stop? Lyst! And, to make it even easier, I've pulled together a beautifully curated list of must-have sale items from the site - covering all the bases! Think: potential bridesmaid dresses, beautiful bridal shoes just perfect for taking to the aisle in, that Dolce & Gabbana bag for the honeymoon - the works! Shop the list below. You can thank me later...

Inspired by Lyst 


All images (except the holding shot) are sourced from Lyst 

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