What to wear for a WINTER WEDDING | With GLL's Megan Ziems

Planning that winter wedding? Not sure what to wear? Aussie brand, Grace Loves Lace's founder Megan Ziems has got all the answers. Read on to discover her tips on what to wear when getting wed in winter and how to own it... 

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Q.How often do you design dresses for winter weddings? 

A."Our main collection releases once a year and we follow it up with a smaller capsule collection later on in the year. As our customer base is worldwide we aren't driven by seasons and more so aim to design a collection that has a complete offering within that range. Our Elixir collection which is our major collection for 2017/18 included some beautiful heavier woven fabrics and a selection of long sleeve designs. But we also introduced a range of capes that allow you to not only create multiple looks throughout the festivity but also turn a summery gown into a winter look. I think it's great for brides to be able to have versatility in their look."

Q.When you do, what are the conversations with the brides like? Do you need to opt for long sleeves or should you just wear a dress you’d wear in the summer.

A."Every bride is so different there really are no consistencies or rules. We do love a sleeve and I think if you've got the weather permitting it's a great way to add a really elegant statement."

Q.What would your stylist recommend a bride style with their dress during winter for a bit of extra warmth?

A."Throw on a leather jacket or blazer. Our Pierre cape is divine for winter brides and our Bo Shawl pashmina is a must have. And our Jac robe is crazy beautiful - a real statement sleeve and high neck."

Q.What are your best gowns for winter weather?

A."Right now I would say Camille, Arden, Suki or Arlo with the Pierre cape, Mai, Inca, Blanc and Kiki. Also the Jac robe over Arlo."

Q. What do your UK Brides tend to wear with gowns when things get a bit chilly during the evening? 

A."A faux fur coat is always popular for our UK and European women."

All images and quotes are sourced from Grace Loves Lace 



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