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Couture label, Aemilia Couture is all about crafting beautiful, luxurious lingerie and loungewear pieces for women to feel beautiful and confident in, especially on their wedding day. I managed to grab a few minutes with the designer to discover everything from where the label and her love of couture began, to her pet hates and favourite beverage… 

#1 Tell us a little about the history of Aemilia Couture Lingerie & Loungewear? Where did the bridal label begin and how…

“After studying Fashion Design, dressmaking and the art of couture within ladies clothing at University, my own desire for creating classic, captivating ladies lingerie & sleepwear inspired by the boudoir era of the 1920’s & 30’s, where garments exuded decadence & femininity began. I taught myself how to pattern cut and make luxury lingerie and sleepwear, and I began to experiment with techniques and explore different fabrics and trims. Then, I started to research the luxury lingerie/loungewear market and came to the realisation that there is a very limited choice for sizes larger than a 16, which is currently the UK average. The luxury couture market often only stocks to a size L (16-18) and I wanted to ensure I could provide beautiful luxurious pieces to accommodate all sizes. I was always fascinated by how powerful beautiful, luxurious products can be for a woman, particularly on their wedding day. A woman’s confidence can automatically be transformed if she knows she is wearing beautiful lingerie set, or silk slip and rob and this is something, which I wanted to give to women.”

#2 Who is the Aemilia Couture woman? Describe her to us…

“An Aemilia Couture woman has a classic, decedent, sophisticated, and timeless feel/look about her, with an appreciation for couture craftsmanship and technique, and is also a supporter of British made garments. The styles offer a distinguished look to contemporary couture and are synonymous with delicate touches and intricate details. She could be of any size, shape or form; all women are beautiful.” 

#3 What type of materials do you use and where are they sourced from? Is every piece made in your UK studio?

“At Aemilia Couture my aim has always been to create beautiful garments made for women, by women designed and handcrafted in England. Each print is designed and researched carefully, all of which are hand drawn, and printed in England. I really enjoy creating them, as they tell a story, which adds to the desire and distinguishability of my collections. I believe searching for unique, hand crafted pieces that support British design is a tradition that should be continued and supported. Aemilia couture garments are constructed from beautiful opulent silks sourced from France, fine leavers and Chantilly lace from Belgium.”

#4 What can brides-to-be always rely Aemilia Couture Lingerie & Loungewear for? 

Aemilia Couture designs are utterly luxurious and sophisticated with renowned quality and craftsmanship at the heart of all our values. Our pieces are proudly not produced in a factory, instead they are hand crafted by our seamstresses in England. Our Bridal Collections, which feature hand finished French lace appliqué and individually applied crystals, allow for luxurious attention to detail. We offer both a bespoke and made-to-order service. We offer bespoke, custom requests and personalisation to our clients, enabling customers to explore a diverse range of exclusive materials and trims for sizes 6-26 available in petite, regular & tall lengths. Designed and tailored to the individual, it is a unique experience in which a woman can indulge in luxury for her special day or occasion.”

#5 If Aemilia Couture could have a particular celebrity or person to be the face of the bridal brand, who would it be? Who embodies the label in their style and personality?

“I think Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley would be a beautiful endorsement for the brand if I could imagine one. Rosie is an English model, actress, designer, and businesswoman who has a classic, decadent look about her.”

#6 Tell us about the design process for the bridal collection. Where does it begin? Where did the inspiration for the line emerge from?

“I might start by sketching the gist of a style on paper, however, I much prefer to actually drape lace and silk on a bust form giving life to that initial idea. This method gives me the ability to refine, tweak and perfect the silhouette of a new style to ensure the best results, until I reach the stage where I need to do technical drawings by computer for production. Unlike paper, women are made of beautiful curves demanding supreme attention. I find it easier to translate the idea I have in my head if I am using this method, especially sketches done in the middle of the night for a client. My bespoke prints for each season begin by being drawn by hand, and then I manipulate and develop them on software packages ready for print.”

#7 Are you inspired by the trends? If so, how? 

“I feel I am most inspired when I am exploring renowned galleries such as the V&A in London, venturing behind the scenes to view and analayse vintage couture pieces from the 1920’s/30’s. This was such a beautifully feminine era and the pinnacle point in time for lingerie design. I have a love of luxurious textures and quality craftmanship from a bygonne era and have always researched heritage techniques, which has helped pursue my ambition to create Aemilia Couture. I find that taking shape, fabric and fastening inspiration from vintage items and updating them for the modern way of life is a great challenge and an interesting way to design. I do follow current trends for bridal intimates and loungewear, also seasonal trends that are forecast on platforms such as WGSN. However, I like to blend the past and present together to design something timeless, and classic.”

#8 From your experience, when it comes to brides searching that all important loungewear/lingerie for the big day where should they start? What should they be thinking about? 

“I believe a bride should initially consider the purpose of their luxury lingerie/loungewear and where they might wear it. Will it be a beautiful floral silk robe and silk slip for the morning of the wedding for the bridal party, a classic lingerie set for the wedding evening, or some beautiful loungewear sets for the honeymoon? Then consider the quality, craftsmanship, style and size that a brand offers. On our website we have the ranges displayed clearly with links to a size guide which can easily be referred to. In addition we have clear links to custom order requests, whereby a bride can contact us regarding a particular bespoke concept, maybe a unique colour reference, fabric choice, style or bespoke embroidery for example and we can then advise on the lead times.”

#9 Where would you like to see the label in 10 years time?

“We have just completed the ‘AMELIE’ Bridal blush range for S/S19 and A/W 18 ‘ARIANA’ Collection featuring the ‘Jardin de la Nuit’ print which will be released from August/ September this year, available online and in Wolf and Badger, Notting Hill. We are focussing on raising the profile and awareness of the brand over the next few years to both trade and consumers, working with our appointed PR company, and planning trade exhibition spaces for 2019 and luxury bridal shows which is very exciting. Our aim is to create effortlessly elegant, beautifully luxurious pieces for ladies, exclusively designed for sizes 6-26.”

#10 If you could choose any celebrity or star (dead or alive) to have wear your pieces on their wedding day, who would it be?

“It has to be an iconic beautiful woman whom perfectly sums up 1930’s style – Jean Harlow is remembered from her platinum blonde bob, rosebud lips and arched eyebrows as well as her clothing and acting ability.”


#1 Summer or Winter? “Summer.”

#2 Heels or flats? “Heels.”

#3 Pet hate? “Slow internet connections and junk mail.”

#4 Alcoholic beverage of choice? “Prosecco.”

#5 Pearls or diamonds? “Pearls.”

#6 Favourite way to relax? “In my garden with a glass of wine.”

#7 Coffee or tea? “Tea.”

#8 Favourite destination? “Dubai.”

#9 Early rise or lie in? “Early rise.”

#10 Chic in Chanel or dressed down in ripped denim? “Chic in Chanel.”

#11 Tousled waves or traditional up-do? “Traditional up-do.”

#12 Lace or embellishment? “Lace.”

#13 Favourite bridal label? “Caroline Castigliano.”

#14 Last book you read? The Fashion Designer Survival Guide, by Mary Gehlhar

#15 Last thing you posted on Instagram? “Photo of a bespoke bridal lingerie order.”

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