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There’s something mighty alluring about Georgina Keeley’s sumptuous, beautifully crafted robes…

Is it the buttery soft, flowing crepe? The 100% silk sash? The enchanting, flattering palette of delicate rose, luminous nude or fresh white? The embroidery options? Or, it might be the fact that the robe-crafting powerhouse has unveiled new exclusive bridal packages…

The freshly unleashed gift-worthy bridal packages bring a range of enticing offerings to the table this 2019. Whether you’re wanting to treat the Mother-of-the-bride to something rather special and create a moment to remember, or nail the bridesmaid proposals with extra style (and brownie points), Georgina Keeley has made life easy.

Discover all the new arrivals and their hidden delights below…

#1 Bride and Mother-of-the-bride Set

The luxury label has thoughtfully created the perfect personalised set for mother and daughter. Watch the main lady in your life fold back the tissue and discover her own unique, personalised robe – alongside your own – in a colour combination of your choice. Hand-write a message on the brand’s signature postcard (a ready and awaiting blank canvas) and delight as she discovers the flowing embroidery…

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#2 Personalised Luxury Package of Four

Unleash the champagne flutes and spoil your beloved bridesmaids with Georgina Keeley’s bespoke package of personalised luxury robes (trust me, they’ll be raving about them until the sun goes down). Not only will these delicate creations make your maids feel elegant and delightfully feminine as they prepare for the big day – make-up, hairbrushes, flowers, STAT – but they’ll make for the DREAMIEST of getting-ready shots to look back at.

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#3 Personalised Luxury Package of Six

Five bridesmaids in tow? Fear not. Georgina Keeley’s Personalised Luxury Package of Six elegant bridal robes has got you covered. Not only will your bridesmaids delight in carefully unwrapping these meticulously folded gifts – they come specially packed enveloped in delicate folds of tissue, tied with a pretty ribbon and paired with the label’s luxury postcard – but they’ll treasure wearing this timeless delight for years and years to come.

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And, if time is of the essence (or the wedding budget won’t quite stretch to cater for the personalised touch) panic not. The brand offers another just as welcoming version of the Luxury Package of Four and Luxury Package of Six robes where one can purchase the robes without embroidery. Yes, that’s right. They’ve thought of everything.

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Georgina Keeley bridal robes
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