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Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Vicky Angell, Love & Loved Bridal Boutique

“I wanted to challenge myself, unlock new experiences and show my little boys that women are formidable and that anything is possible.” Vicky Angell, Owner of Love & Loved Bridal Boutique 

Curated with the modern bride in mind, Love & Loved Bridal Boutique brings its own unique blend of bridal cool to the table. This relatively new boutique, founded by owner, Vicky Angell (previously a Buyer for a British department store) not only champions British designers and a more sustainable edge, but offers brides a calm and creative space in the depths of the idyllic Buckinghamshire countryside to discover that individual look that is innately and truly them. Stocking the likes of Kate Fearnley, Sanyukta Shrestha, Believe by GAIA and E&W Couture, not to mention a haul of inspiring accessory labels (we’re talking The Bobby Pin, Caped & Crowned, W Collective, Tulle & Flo and customisable denim jackets) Vicky has fast created a bridal hub that brides are going to love. We caught up with Vicky to talk about her own business journey, including the highs, the lows and the tech she can’t live without… 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Love & Loved Bridal Boutique

#1 In a nutshell, describe your business/brand – what do you offer?  

“Love & Loved is a contemporary yet inviting space with a considered curation of – modern with an edge and traditional with a twist – dresses, separates and so much more. We are a champion of British designers and an advocate of sustainable and ethical brands complimented by our off-the-beaten track barn conversion set in the heart of a conservation area. We appeal to the less traditional bride creating a wedding day that is a reflection of their day to day selves, keeping the traditions they love and ditching the ones they don’t, with just the right amount of fuss and flounce.” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Designer Kate Fearnley | Photography by Natalie Pluck

#2 What’s your career background? Has it always been in the wedding industry? 

“With 15 years experience in retail, I have learnt my craft working for one of the best British department stores, developing outstanding customer service and sourcing some of the best quality and well designed products. Working as a Buyer I have had the privilege of working across the world, creating and innovating homeware products that set trends and combine form and function in the most aesthetically pleasing way. In my role as a Buyer I have visited some wonderful places from Europe to Asia, been treated to incredible international foods and taken in some special sights.” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Designer Kate Fearnley | Photography by Natalie Pluck

#3 What planted the seed of your business idea? Did it strike you suddenly? 

“Owning my own bridal boutique was something that appealed to me when I went on my own bridal shopping journey. Like so many in the industry my experience made me see opportunities to do things differently but also to be included within an amazing industry, one full of positivity, playing a part in a person’s most special day. I really wanted to create a space that stood out for its contemporary aesthetics but without feeling intimidating, making people feel welcome was of high priority. I wanted to curate an edit of pieces that enabled a woman to feel special and beautiful but still herself, after all I believe that’s what we should always celebrate as that is what makes us all unique.” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique

#4 Describe the moment you decided to TAKE THE PLUNGE… 

“After my second maternity leave collided with the start of the pandemic and returning to work in the midst of a huge restructure it was time to re-focus, jump in with both feet and seize the opportunity to create something that would be my legacy. I wanted to challenge myself, unlock new experiences and show my little boys that women are formidable and that anything is possible. Whenever I have had a wobble I’ve been able to persevere knowing I was demonstrating to my boys resilience, grit and determination.” 

#5 Describe how the first day of building your own business felt: 

“I started building my business in my head at least a year before opening. From a grain of an idea to verbalising it out loud to those closest to me to test their reaction, gain validation that I could do it but also to make it real, a goal that needed to be achieved. From there it’s been an enormous rollercoaster of souring confidence to nagging self doubt. To quiet the noise of that pesky imposter I celebrate the wins, no matter how small, keep pressing and always refocus on my goals.” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Designer Kate Fearnley | Photography by Natalie Pluck

#6 The highs – what have they been so far? 

“Securing my designers. This was the point where I could really see my vision come to life. I knew I wanted to work with British designers but also designers and brands that put sustainability and ethics at the heart of their work. I wanted a collection that told a story not just a rail of pretty dresses. I wanted pieces that represent all women, jumpsuits and trousers for those that want to rip up the rule book or simply feel comfortable and be the best versions of themselves on their special day. I wanted to celebrate our location, renovated to the most modern, environmental standards, sourcing power from solar energy and providing a home to local wildlife. This is reflected in my designer choices ensuring women feel as good as they look.” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique

#7 The lows – how did you move past them? What did you learn? 

“There hasn’t been any specific lows but the biggest challenge is trusting your gut when making big investments. It’s not easy, the risk is high and its something I have to manage really closely to avoid getting overwhelmed. I constantly rationalise my decisions, refer back to my strategy and challenge myself as to whether they will appeal to my ideal bride. The bride is always front of mind and meeting her expectations is always the deciding factor.” 

#8 If you could tell yourself three things when you first started the business – what would they be? 

No.1 “Persevere.” 

No.2 “Overcome.” 

No.3 “Bloody enjoy it!!” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Believe by Gaia

#9 Your tips for those dreaded lying-awake-at-3am times? (Counting sheep? Glass of water? Get up? Meditate? Read?) 

“Make lists, I’ve found when I’m overwhelmed writing the things that are troubling me down in a note book helps take the pressure off, they never look so bad when you see them in writing, its like organising your brain junk. Write it down, commit to when you will tackle it and enjoy ticking it off the list. Practice gratitude, it makes the tough stuff feel worth it and reminds you you will reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Get fresh air and go easy on the wine!” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Believe by Gaia

#10 Your top organisational tip?

“Write lists. Keep a well maintained spreadsheet, ask for help!” 

#11 Who inspired you? Or inspires you in business?

“I have been inspired by so many over the years. My mum is a perfect of example of how hard work and integrity always wins. My business mentors teach me that everything is achievable and I’m always inspired by people that have started businesses in the toughest of times and nurtured their businesses into real success stories.” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Believe by Gaia

#12 An app/piece of tech you now couldn’t live without for your business:

Canva – I design all my social media, print material and everything else on Canva.” 

 #13 Your first ever job was…

“A waitress. I was so so reluctant to do it due to low self confidence but my mum really encouraged me. Once I did my first shift I loved it and realised I made a pretty good waitress. I still look back fondly at the job, it was a great little earner for a kid that didn’t get pocket money or a clothing allowance and really gave me a sense of independence and a good grounding in: if you want it, work for it.” 

#14 Your top social media tip?

“Consistency is key (or so everyone tells me, haha). It’s still a work in progress, keeping up with changing algorithms, staving off comparison syndrome and most of all trying to enjoy it by producing authentic content that is consistent with my brand identity.” 

Love & Loved Bridal Boutique
Designer Kate Fearnley | Photography by Natalie Pluck

#15 The brand you’d love to collaborate with and why…

“I’d love to collab with Abstract Events on a styled shoot, I love indie brands and have my eye on Solunah Bride and I’d be so chuffed to be involved in some of the more alternate wedding shows such as The Most Curious Wedding Fair.” 

#16 Name a business/social media account(s) – that have helped/inspired you with your business? 

“I’m a sucker for a cohesive grid page that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is interactive. Most graphic designer accounts are amazing at this and really influenced my social style  early on. I adore Peach Wolfe for their commitment to colour, bold design and eccentricity, Little Pearl Bridal create really cool Reels and my lovely mentor Joanna Southwell role models, authentic, natural and relevant, bang up to date content.” 

Believe by Gaia

#17 Your fav social media tool: (Pinterest? Instagram? LinkTree? Etc.)

“Not so much my fave but a total necessity: it has to be Instagram. It’s the best way to connect to my bride and other industry peers. I’m trying to brush up on my Pinterest knowledge as I find it a much more inspirational platform.” 

#18 Your advice to those looking to TAKE THE PLUNGE:

“Think really carefully, do your research but ultimately it takes real guts not just to start but to see it through. Listen to yourself, be kind to your self and trust yourself!” 

Believe by Gaia

Rapid Fire Questions: 

#1 Most inspirational book you’ve read:Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence– I read it when studying for my English Lit degree. Its not so much about the quality of the book but it blew my mind that people had such a huge issue with it when released at the time. Women were banned from reading it for fear it would muddle their minds. It wasn’t openly published in the UK until 1960 and even then it was branded obscene. Sorry, not such a rapid fire answer.”

#2 You’re in Starbucks, what do you order? “If I’m super thirsty a green tea, feeling indulgent- hot chocolate with all the trimmings.”

Designer Sanyukta Shrestha | Photography by David C Photography

#3 Instagram feed crush:

“Peach Wolfe – @peachwolfe

#4 Your worst job was…

“Working in a warehouse- snooze! And the uniform was awful.”

Designer Sanyukta Shrestha | Photography by David C Photography

#5 If you didn’t do what you do…what would you do? 

“I’d still be pursuing my Buying career, working crazy hours but meeting awesome people.”

#6 Work day pick-me-up: “A good lunch date!”

Discover more about Vicky Angell’s beautiful bridal boutique, Love & Loved Bridal Boutique.  

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