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If you hadn’t heard already, P.S. BRIDAL recently unveiled the first ever dedicated luxury bridal rental platform: P.S. RENTAL. Not only does this mean you’ll be able to get hold of that luxury designer gown (that had, at first, seemed way out of the budget) but it offers up a sustainable option for the aisle too which the eco-conscious bride will love. 

‘I always wanted to rent my wedding dress, the idea of buying something you wear once and then sits in the loft is madness! For my wedding, I am looking for a show-stopping gown but don’t feel the need to buy it new. I found the current bridal rental offer doesn’t match up to what myself and other brides were looking for, that is why we are launching P.S. RENTAL. With all our favourite designers and styles on the platform, so every bride can have their moment whilst also helping the planet” Co-founder, Ella Gaskell 

Conceived by celebrity stylists, Ella Gaskell and Zoe Graham, P.S. RENTAL (part of the duo’s personal styling platform P.S. BRIDAL that they launched back in lockdown) P.S. RENTAL delivers a service where brides can rent their dream wedding dress (whether that’s from the likes of Suzanne Neville, Oscar De La Renta, Halfpenny, Dior, Nikeen Asar, Savin London or Sassi Holford – and many more) for 30% of the retail value. Having worked as celebrity stylists for over 17 years pre-P.S. BRIDAL, the relationships the pair have built – alongside the network they have created – has allowed P.S. RENTAL to bring brides some of the most revered bridal designers in the industry. 

“On average a wedding dress is the most expensive item of clothing a woman will buy in her lifetime. We all feel the pressure to look our best and spend a disproportionate amount to do so. We want to empower women to get that wedding dress out the loft and make some money back. Our service is fully managed too, so It’s time to make your dress do the work for you!” Co-founder, Ella Gaskell 

But, how does it work? P.S. RENTAL’s service allows for brides to try on up to three dresses at home at one time (costing between £30-£50 per session depending on the amount of gowns booked). Once you’ve found that dream gown or those coveted accessories, you’re now able to ‘book’ these pieces up to a year in advance. It’s also worth noting that temporary alterations are available, attended to by P.S. RENTAL’s handpicked, experienced seamstresses. Available to be loaned for up to 28 days, once the rental period comes to an end, the items are returned, professionally cleaned and repaired (if required) and voila! They’re ready for their next trip down the aisle! Plus, if you’re already married, P.S. RENTAL also offers up the opportunity for you to earn a percentage of the rental fee paid by brides with those wedding day items you thought you’d only ever wear once. 

”I’ve always loved the circular aspect of fashion, from founding a customised vintage denim company in 2009, before sustainability was the buzzword in fashion it is today, to vintage shopping and clothes swapping with friends. The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe! So it’s time to share our wedding dresses and create a more circular environment for all brides to enjoy no matter the budget. We’ve made sure this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or quality, every bride should feel like perfection on their wedding days!” Co-founder, Zoe Graham


Plus, you’ll also love that the circularity and extension of the lifespan of a garment is at the core of what they do and offer at P.S. Rental. Once a gown comes to the end of its rental life, it’s either repaired and sold on the platform or reimagined into a new gown utilising fabrics from deadstock. Genius! 


“A circular economy is the future and a vital part to our survival on this planet. We need to rethink our consuming and throwing-away habits urgently, and stop covering the earth in our leftovers. We have so many amazing products we can reuse, there is no need to continually make more which ultimately ends up in landfill.” Co-founder, Zoe Graham 


Discover more from the new luxury bridal rental platform P.S. RENTAL. 

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