HALO & WREN BRIDAL, JEMMA PALMER “I Google’d myself today, and when I say Google’d myself, In mean I was searching for one of my designers info, you know a little bit of a description about the brand and do you know who was at the top of Google with what I had typed…me! Thanks to Sarah and her regular incredible blog posts, I’m hitting top of page one on Google for my brands and designers in my store. What more could I ask for! Thanks Sarah, long may you write awesome blogs for Halo & Wren!!” 

CHARLOTTE MILLS SHOES “Sarah is amazing – her writing style is perfect for our brand and we love her chatty relatable style. Couldn’t be happier with the copy she has created for our website.” 

THE AISLE, KATIE BREWER “I am so glad I found Sarah, her blog posts have increased our website traffic and views by a significant amount.  Sarah fully understands our customer, and writes in a way that is relatable, fun and knowledgeable. Thank you Sarah!”

PERLA NOVA BRIDAL, KIRSTY VAUGHAN “I absolutely love working with Sarah/Bridal Editor. Working with someone with so much industry knowledge has been invaluable and Sarah’ writing style is perfect for my brides. Sarah has assisted with my Instagram account since I launched Perla Nova, this has now significantly grown. As a busy business owner, it’s been amazing having some one I can rely on to match the tone and style of Perla Nova.”

LAUREN FRANCIS BRIDAL “Loved working with Sarah on a recent website project. She completely understood our vibe and brand and hit the nail on the head with our tone of voice. Would highly recommend.”

PRETTY WOMAN BRIDAL “I love working with Bridal Editor. Sarah has transformed our website with her copy. She knows our designers so well and is the perfect match for our store. We can’t wait to start monthly blog posts with Sarah too!”

HOM BRIDAL “Sarah’s been a HOM supporter from the very early days of launching our first collection and she’s the only one I trusted with helping write the copy for our new collection and website. She just gets what we’re about. Not only is Sarah incredibly professional but is one of the loveliest people in the wedding biz.”

ELLA KATE, EMMA SWAIN, CREATIVE DIRECTOR & FOUNDER “Sarah was fabulous to work with, she understood our brand and delivered exactly as I asked for. We will be working together again.” 

SILK & MAPLE, TEGAN & ROBERTA “We love working with Sarah! She is so personable, professional and captures our “voice” so well! She really understands the industry but, most importantly, also the modern bride. We are thrilled!” 

ZOE ROWYN BRIDAL “We partnered with Sarah in a time of growth, when things were hectic and our online presence was crucial, but we couldn’t anymore handle it on our own. Sarah quickly picked up the tasks, understood the DNA of our brand, and contributed with beautiful ideas to our creatives. Also, her discipline is top notch. If we were late in providing any information, she would follow up in the nicest and friendliest way until she got the needed info. This was the dedication we were looking for.”

UNBRIDLED STUDIO “Sarah worked on a bridal gown trend piece for our blog. Her tone of voice is exactly what we were looking for. Her writing is effortless and engaging, whilst being underpinned by her vast industry knowledge. We are excited to work with Sarah on future projects as we grow our brand.”

INDIEBRIDE LONDON “Working with Sarah was really easy. I gave her some details for the dresses and fabrics, as well as images, and she came back to me with stunning product descriptions. We tweaked some of them ever so slightly, and it was done! She considered the inspiration behind the collection and described the dresses in a beautiful way. I’m over the moon to have such high-quality product descriptions for our new collection.”

KISS FROM FLEUR, ANNA-JILL GIERHARDS “In love with the Bridal Editor blog and also with Sarah, its lovely founder. I realised from the beginning that it was a match! Sarah knows how to transfer your vision into words, in a contemporary cool style with fashion magazine influence! An editor which is exactly on the point, writes target orientated copy and knows what she does. 100 kisses for Sarah” 

MOTEE MAIDS “Sarah’s understanding of brands and their customers and her press background mean she can provide exciting and professional copy, something you actually want to read! Very much recommend Sarah’s skills for all your copywriting needs.” 

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Previous and present freelance clients include the likes of Halo & Wren, Charlotte Mills, Gustav Fouche, Team Hen, Perla Nova Bridal, Silk & Maple, Lauren Francis Bridal, The Aisle, Pretty Woman Bridal, HOM Bridal, Ella Kate, Zoe Rowyn Bridal, Victorial Percival, Unbridled Studio, Adella Bridal, Wendy Makin UK, Becca Hunton Hair & Makeup, Bridal Indulgence, Kiss From Fleur, Motee Maids, Indiebride London and many more! You can check out some of their testimonials below…

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