10 things NOT to do when searching for your wedding dress | Explained in gifs

It can be pretty daunting when it comes to searching for ‘The One’: which literally translates into the wedding dress of your DREAMS. Sometimes, I find merely hunting for my ideal pair of sneakers tough enough and end up having to drown my sorrows in a giant cookie and/or vat of wine. However, this is not the time to panic my lovely brides-to-be. With BRIDAL EDITOR on hand, you’ll nail the dress hunt with these 10 top tips on what NOT to do when you start the search… #letsdothis 

ABOVE: Lace gown from Grace Loves Lace’s EL Duo capsule collection (image sourced from Grace Loves Lace

#1 Do not start the hunt with a very definite picture of what you think you want in your head. This will only end in tears when you realise your creation doesn’t actually physically exist… 

#2 Don’t bring the entire SQUAD with you for the bridal appointments. Too many opinions can make you forget your own opinion. Remember, you’re the one wearing the dress, not them… 

#3 Don’t just try on one style of wedding dress, try them ALL! Afterall this is your chance to try on all of the glorious wedding concoctions that you’ve ever dreamed of! Be it a slinky, backless number or a tulle cupcake that makes you feel like you’ve stepped straight out of a Disney film. Plus, you might be surprised on what you do and don’t like!

#4Don’t pick something you can’t walk, dance or basically move in. You’re going to want to enjoy your day and feel comfortable as well as amazing. Plus, just think about all those moves you were planning on busting out on the dancefloor. Wouldn’t it be terrible if people missed those…

#5 Don’t ignore the boutique’s in-house team and their suggestions and advice. They know what they’re talking about…

#6 Don’t opt for something that isn’t timeless. Think about the style of your wedding dress. Love the trends? I hear you! It’s worth making sure you still opt for something that will stand the test of time (especially in your wedding photographs) as well as giving that subtle, cool nod to that trend that you love… 

#7 Don’t wear bad or ill-fitting underwear to your wedding dress appointment. Tired grey briefs under an incredible white or ivory gown won’t really add to that ‘glowing bride’ look… 

#8 Don’t leave things till the last minute. For instance, bring a pair of heels (or a pair of shoes that have a similar heel height to those you think you’ll be wearing on the BIG DAY) to your appointment so you can get an idea of where the hem of your dress should be sitting. 

#9 Don’t make a snap decision. If you’re not feeling it, take a break and sleep on it. If you can’t decide, it’s probably not ‘The One.’ When they say that you’ll know – they mean it – you’ll know. When I tried on my wedding dress I knew. I didn’t burst into tears like some brides do on ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ but I did know. I had this overwhelming feeling of feeling like myself in it. Want to find out more? Read my post on the moment I found my gown (click here). 

#10 Don’t choose to try on gowns that are out of your budget, this will only end in tears… 

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All gifs are sourced from Giphy 


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