8 signs you might be turning into a BRIDEZILLA

Sometimes, planning a wedding can tip you over the edge. Even if you’re the most chilled, relaxed bride-to-be of them all, the inner-BRIDEZILLA can accidentally slip out (and, BOY can she be cranky). So, to make sure you keep her locked down inside, keep an eye out for these 8 signs –  for your own sanity (and others)! 

Above dress:  ‘I Got You Babe’ bridal gown, £325, Truly Madly Deeply Veil, £45, both from Kitty & Dulcie (click here to discover even more of their bridal delights)!

SIGN #1 Losing your temper over the smallest of things…
One minute it’s all going smoothly and the next the napkins have turned up and they’re off-white rather than pure-white… 

SIGN #2 Declaring all guests must wear a certain, very particular, shade of pink…(and not being able to see that this is ludicrous/truly weird)…

SIGN #3 Calling family members/friends at 3am to discuss the seating plan wearing a plastic crown…
This is NOT okay. 

SIGN #4 You manage to somehow twist every conversation you have back to your wedding, even the ones you have with complete strangers. 

Stranger: ‘Hi, do you know where the post office is?’

You: ‘Oh heyyyy, yes it’s right around that corner past the supermarket on the left, I know this because I recently posted our wedding invites out via that EXACT POST OFFICE!!!! Would you like to see my seating plan?’

SIGN #5 You’re sleep-talking wedding details…

(In the night)

‘I do, I do, I do, I dooooooooo…why am I wearing a swimming costume with Ross from Friends’ face on the front? Where are my bridesmaids!? Phoebe! Phoebe! That is NOT the dress I picked out for YOU!’

SIGN #6 You don’t understand why you can’t have a gold mirrored dancefloor….

SIGN #7 Non-wedding related conversations bore you…

SIGN #8 You keep calling people (including your husband-to-be) and it keeps going to voicemail…

Strange that…isn’t it? 


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