Rime Arodaky | Mystical Love

If you haven’t discovered Rime Arodaky yet, BOY are you in for a treat. Known for – in their words – “breaking the barrier of what a traditional bridal world is supposed to look like, one creation at a time”* this is a brand that will blow you away with its incredible, refreshing approach, contemporary, sexy designs and super cool details (including detachable trains and a sequin embroidered tulle jacket that just breathes rock ‘n roll)… 

Perfect for the unique, relaxed bride who wants something a little less traditional, Rime Arodaky’s Mystical Love 2017 bridal collection is EVERYTHING. Fall for everything from the line’s crepe embroidered floral tulle, chic silhouettes, THAT Constellation veil and much, much more… 

Want to know where they’re stocked in the UK

Find Rime Arodaky at:

The Mews Bridal, London 

The Mews Bridal, Bristol

The White Gallery, Ireland 

Click here to discover more from Rime Arodaky

Got a dress question? Drop me a line at info@bridaleditor.com and I’ll try to help! 

*Quote sourced from the Rime Arodaky site here

All images are sourced from Rime Arodaky 


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