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The path to finding your DREAM bridesmaid dresses can be one fraught with obstacles. So, when TH&TH founders Louie, Kitty and Ping all failed to find elegant yet affordable bridesmaid dresses for their own weddings, happily for us, TH&TH was born… 

Inspired by international design bridal style from modern Hong Kong, New York and London (where they all have lived and worked) the design trio have brought a seriously stylish bridesmaid label to the table. TH&TH dresses are effortless in their style and timelessly elegant. Pick from a palette of alluring blush, decadent navy, surreal silver, chic tan, a beautiful pale blue and fabulous orchid – all as beautiful as each other (plus, perfect for pairing together too)!

You’ll love the gowns’ flattering silhouettes and incredible necklines (hello Bardot)! This really is a bridesmaid label with it all. 

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