10 things NOT to do when trying to find your bridesmaid dresses | Explained in gifs

It’s time my wifey-to-be. The klaxon for the bridesmaid dress hunt has sounded and you’ll want to be well-equipped as you hover over the starting line (badass bridesmaid squad in tow). So, here’s 10 things NOT to do when shopping for your maids’ ensembles – explained in gifs, obviously – because you know how much I love a good gif… 

ABOVE: Elasa floral lace cover-up, WAS £165, NOW £99, Ted Baker 

#1 Not research ANYTHING 

Trust me when I say it’s going to be an up-hill struggle if you just dive head-first into this. The more prepped you are, the easier things are going to be. Note your bridesmaids’ sizes, be aware of their likes/dislikes, and have some idea (visually) of what you’re looking for. Do not head into battle unprepared, because when you’re left standing in the changing room with one shoe missing (don’t ask), a bridesmaid crying behind a curtain and another MIA, you’re going to regret it…

#2 NOT book the VIP/larger dressing room 

It’s good to bear in mind that a lot of department stores, bridal boutiques and shops have VIP dressing rooms for bigger parties. I myself booked Coast’s VIP dressing room at their flagship store on Oxford Street for my own bridesmaid shopping, and it was a dream come true.

#3 Don’t leave the prosecco at home… 
Break the ice with some bubbles, especially if some of your bridesmaids haven’t met before. Plus, this is a CELEBRATION! Uncork that bottle NOW! 

#4 …but make sure it doesn’t go too far. 

because, well.. 

it can’t end well… 

#5 NOT plan the day… 
Got 12 bridesmaids? You’re going to want an itinerary. Schedule those appointments and check out Google maps to make sure you’re walking effortlessly from one store to the next (rather than round in circles)… 

#6 Forget to book lunch… 
No one likes a HANGRY bridesmaid… 

#7 Don’t forget to explore all options
You’ll want to consider everything from multi-way gowns to different shades of your chosen colour to modern separates! Don’t feel like you have to stick to one dress and one hue. There’s some seriously EPIC options out there. Click here to start the hunt with Bridal Editor

*The following gif in no way relates to the above, I just thought you’d like to see Ryan Gosling in a supermarket*

#8 Don’t ignore your bridesmaids’ shapes and preferences… 
This is a two way thing, and you both might need to compromise a little, but trust me when I say you will be able to find a gown that your bridesmaids’ like and that you like too. Need a little help/got a question? Drop me a line at info@bridaleditor.com and I’ll try and help! 

#9 NOT signing up to the Bridal Editor newsletter…

Now THIS is just madness. There’s lot of gorgeous bridesmaid dress inspiration and advice on there and of course you’ll be wanting it to arrive neatly in your inbox. Click here to sign up. 

#10 And finally, don’t let it get on top of you. 
It’s going to be okay, my bride-to-be. Don’t freak out, just BREATHEEEEE, take in the above and look at the following gif of Tom Hardy. You see? Everything’s going to be okay. 


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