5 things NOT to do when planning a wedding | Explained in gifs

Hold the phone! You’re engaged? Congratulations! The wedding planning can commence, and BOY I’ll bet you’re ready. Before you whip out your Monica from Friends-style wedding book (yup, I know you’ve got one) here’s five things to think about before you kick-start the planning frenzy… 

Above: Photography: Nick Ilott Photography | Model: Ellen Tippett | Styling: BRIDAL EDITOR 

#1 Don’t let it take over your entire life

Surprisingly not everyone will want to participate in your wedding-fueled planning hysteria 24/7. Shocking, I know. And don’t worry, I have no idea why your local supermarket’s cashier isn’t interested in the fact that the nectarines you picked up are the exact same shade as your napkins…*shrugs and shakes head*

#2 Don’t fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole… 
Pinterest is an AMAZING wedding planning tool. However, beware the rabbit hole and its tempting allure of magical, never-ending imagery. Before you know it, you’ll be attempting to DIY your own gold mirrored dance floor…(this may or may not have happened to someone who may or may not be writing this…)

#3 Don’t ask for everyone’s opinion…
…because, trust me, they’ll all have one, and before you know it your head will feel like it’s going to explode all over your new Kate Spade bag (and nobody want’s that). 

#4 Don’t feel like you have to please everyone… 

…because it’s just not possible. 

#5 Don’t leave the big things until last… 

No one (including yourself) is going to be happy if they’re sitting down for dinner at your wedding with a beautifully embroidered napkin in front of them but they’re outside in a field hungry because you forgot to book the venue and the caterers. 

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