Fall in LOVE | with Nora Aÿtch’s Spring/Summer’18 collection

If a traditional ivory satin shoe isn’t quite floating your boat this 2018, bridal babe, PANIC NOT. Let me introduce you to the incredible shoes of Nora Aÿtch… 

‘A passion for creating luxury footwear for modern women around the world.’ Nora Aÿtch 

Created for the modern woman, Nora Aÿtch’s Spring/Summer 2018 shoe collection will add a touch of fabulous-ness to any BIG DAY bridal look. Nora Habbal – the woman behind the brand – brings us delicious pops of candy colours, embellished metallic creations (which are totally aisle-worthy) and an array of sandals and slip-on beauties that would be just perfect for the honeymoon… 

Handmade in Italy, this designer has a real love for shoes, and it shows – because I love every pair! 

Want to shop Nora Aÿtch & discover more? Click here

Images by Candyfornia Studio 


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