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Bellantuono Sartoria

Did he pop the question? CONGRATULATIONS! Now the wedding dress shopping can begin…

If you’re looking to discover a gem of a boutique that offers a cherry-picked list of designers that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK, you’re in luck. Say hello to the beautiful Rock&Lace bridal boutique. Based in the buzzing heart of east London in Victoria Park, this effortlessly DREAMY, modern store brings an exquisite list of exclusive Italian bridal designers to the table…

 *Sponsored by Rock & Lace

Bellantuono Sartoria

…intrigued? You should be. These incredible designers are new to London and the UK and just perfect for the modern 2018 bride who’s looking for that show-stopping, aisle-worthy gown that will stand the test of time.

Blumarine Sposa

Plus, Rock&Lace recognise how truly important this moment is. Not only do they provide you with their undivided attention during your appointment, promising to make your time with them as memorable and as special as possible, but their one appointment only service means you and your entourage will have the entire boutique to yourself! Yep , that’s the DREAM! 

Let’s talk about those Italian designers though. You’ll find Bellantuono Sartoria, Blumarine Sposa, Magnani Sposa, Donatella Piccarreta and Marianna Lanzilli hanging on Rock&Lace’s chic rails, each gown as beautifully crafted as the one before (prepare to fall in love, bride-to-be, prepare to fall in love)….

Magnani Sposa

So, who launched this beautiful boutique? Mariarosaria Barrea is the creative driving force behind the store. Happily, I managed to grab five minutes with her to talk all things Rock & Lace… 

#1 Tell us a little bit more about yourself, what’s your background, and what inspired you to open Rock&Lace?

“I left Italy to move to London right after university to pursue a career in media. I have always loved London. I like how international it is and I enjoy everything the city has to offer, from food to fashion, art and culture.

As an Italian living in London I have always experienced great love and appreciation for the ‘made in Italy’, and I was therefore utterly surprised when last year, looking for my own wedding dress, I realised that Italian bridal brands were very much unknown in the UK. 

This is where the idea of opening a boutique specialised in Italian bridal fashion came from. Italy has a long tradition of wedding dress making, and its sartorial technique, quality of the materials and attention to details are second to none. I am very excited and honoured to take on the mission to share such beauty with London brides.”

Donatella Piccarreta

#2 What’s unique about Rock&Lace? Why should brides visit you?

“All the designers we stock are exclusive to Rock&Lace and we have accurately selected gowns that are both timeless and unique. Brides who are looking for a dress that is romantic, fashion forward, distinctive, and of the best quality, should definitely visit us.”

#3 Describe to us the style and feel of the Rock&Lace boutique, what should brides-to-be expect from their appointment? 

Rock&Lace is a cosy and stylish boutique in the heart of East London’s Victoria Park Village. The shop’s atmosphere is very relaxed, and we welcome one bride at the time. Most importantly, we dedicate ourselves 100% to the bride and her entourage, so to make her experience as special and personal as possible.”

Marianna Lanzilli

#4 Where would you like to see the boutique in 5 years time?

“I hope to extend the range of brands we stock and introduce younger Italian bridal designers to the UK market. My definite aim for the future is to continue to support and promote the ‘made in Italy’.”

#5 Name a celebrity you’d love to dress and style in your boutique…

“The boutique has a young and modern style, and I will therefore name an Italian fashion icon and influencer: Chiara Ferragni. She is getting married next year, and – who knows – she may visit us soon. ;)”

Want to learn more and book your appointment with Rock&Lace? Just click here. 

All images are sourced from Rock&Lace


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