5 things NOT to do when going bridal shoe shopping

When it comes to those all-important big day shoes, the choices are pretty much, round about…well, ENDLESS. To heel or not to heel? One pair of two pairs? Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin? Charlotte Mills or Emmy London? Glitter or nude? Ivory or blue? And, no, you can’t just get them all… 

Above: Photography by Nick Ilott 

Here’s 5 things NOT to do when attempting the bridal shoe search… 

#1 Don’t ignore potential discomfort warning bells… 

Yes, they do look fabulous when you’re standing still but if it means you need assistance walking down the aisle (and no that is not what the Father of the Bride is there for) then don’t you think it’s a no? 

#2 Don’t ignore your dress and how they’ll work together… 

We do love that they’re fully and completely encrusted with two inch diamonds, we do. It’s just no one’s going to be happy when you walk down the aisle and simultaneously rip your delicate wedding gown to shreds as you go… 

#3Don’t be afraid to have two pairs of shoes… 

I’m not saying you need to splash the cash on both here, just that having a towering pair of beauties for the aisle and then a pair of pretty sandals or flats for the dancing might be a good thing, you know? Cos’ then you won’t be crying as he twirls you around the dance floor and having to pretend they’re tears of joy (they are, it’s just 75% of them are tears of utter, utter pain…)

#4 Don’t ignore the whole ‘think practically’ thing… 

Sure, those super-cool architectural heels are unlike anything I’ve seen. However, you will fall flat on your face as you attempt your beachy, sand-covered aisle abroad…and they’ll be no styling it out, trust me. 

Just sayin’

#5 Finally, DON’T ignore your gut, bridal babe. 

If those gorgeous, glittering beauties with the tassel detail speak to you – but your Maid of Honour doesn’t like them – just remind her she’s not wearing them and head to the checkout. *see ya* 


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