Let’s get ready bride-to-be | with Aemilia Couture

*Sponsored by Aemilia Couture*

Say HELLO to the truly enchanting Couture lingerie and loungewear label, Aemilia Couture, the perfect brand to indulge in for that all-important getting-ready time on the morning of the big day… 

The luxury British brand is all about creating truly beautiful, feminine garments that’ll make you feel truly special. Designed and manufactured in the label’s UK based studio, you’ll love their delicate and dreamy approach to each and every piece, and delight in their skillful, handcrafted designs and romantic silk and French lace.

The collection is inspired by the opulence and decadence of the 1920’s and 1930’s yet flaunts a playfully modern cut that makes it irresistible to the bride-to-be. Prepare to indulge in everything from pretty lingerie (perfect for packing for the honeymoon too) to slip dresses, delicate robes, nightgowns, accessories, and much, much more. Plus, as well as the bridal range, there’s also some exquisite options for your bride tribe too! 

What better way to wake up on the big day, but wearing your very own piece of couture? 

Want to discover more from Aemilia Couture? Click here.  

All images are sourced from Aemilia Couture


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