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Delightfully, I recently had the chance to interview the creative driving force behind the phenomenal bridal brand that is Sassi Holford

I’ve personally been a fan of the label for many years (since I started working in the industry in fact) and love the timeless designs the brand creates. The designer – who has been creating wedding dresses and occasion wear for 35 years – is known for her meticulous attention to detail, incredibly feminine silhouettes and pure style that effortlessly stands the test of time. With all gowns handmade in England, this is definitely a label that you need to consider, bride-to-be when it comes to the dress hunt. 

So, let’s get started shall we? If you want to know everything from what Sassi Holford thinks Meghan Markle will wear on the BIG DAY to her favourite destination, continue reading… 

#1 Tell us a little about the history of the brand, how did you start out? 

“I offered to design a friend’s wedding dress 37 years ago and had no idea that it would be such a defining moment in my life.  Just 17 years old, with no formal training – the dress was such a success!  I started to get requests from other friends and brides to be, eager for me to design their gowns as well.

I have enjoyed numerous internationally acclaimed collections, opened a new flagship London store and a Royal Wedding under my belt! I can’t believe how fast time has gone, I’ve loved it all and can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Sassi Holford ethos is to create an apparent effortless style, empowering confidence and making the bride feel their most beautiful.”

#2 Who is the Sassi Holford woman? Describe her to us. What does she love style-wise?  

“She has inner confidence and a self-assured understated style. The career woman who knows what she wants! 

I tend to go with the ‘less-is-more’ philosophy letting the lines of the dress fit and flatter. The dress should make you feel and look the best version of yourself.”

#3 If you could pick five of your favourite Sassi Holford gowns (that you feel really showcase the label’s incredible attention to style and fit) which ones would they be and why?

Cordelia (pictured above) from the 2018 collection this strapless ballgown shape with lace bodice and centre pleat panel showcases classic Sassi Holford eye for extra detail. “When the fit model first tried it on I couldn’t help but gasp!”

Portia (above) The stunning Portia gown is twist on a bespoke gown made for a Spanish Princess. Made in a striking corded lace from Portugal, the appliques are pieced together to create a stunning fitted bodice and the soft floating skirt means it truly is fit for a princess! We cant wait to launch her this year! 

Jessie (above)– Originally Jessica then updated to the Jessie (so named after a certain curvaceous rabbit.) The Jessie gown is everything that Sassi Holford stands for. The structure and fit of the dress enhances the figure, the clean classic lines and fabric is so simple but stunning!

Mimi (above) – When Mimi was released in 2013 we had such a great response the unique neckline and back detail from the soft draping sparkling tulle overlay on a sweetheart strapless gown. The off the shoulder shape and the gorgeous soft A line skirt was finished with a beautiful belt. We made a special version of Mimi for Alex Jones. 

Marilyn (above) – Such a beautiful gown, Marilyn from the 2015 collection features pink roses across the skirt and waist band appliques. I never imagined how popular this dress would be. Brides were so excited to find something a bit different and adding colour into the mix.”

#4 You designed the bridal gown for Canadian Autumn Kelly for her wedding to Peter Phillips, son of the Princess Royal, what was this experience like? 

“Creating the dress for Autumn Kelly for her wedding to Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips was a true highlight of my career. Designing and creating the dress was such a pleasure. She had definite ideas about the style of dress she wanted: one that would befit a society wedding but also reflect her own style and personality. I was on hand to dress Autumn at Windsor and met the queen who had viewed the dress beforehand and approved it!”

#5 With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding on the horizon, the industry is waiting with baited breath to see what she wears for the big day. What would you predict Meghan will take to the aisle in? 

“Meghan would be an ideal bride to design for, she really understands her own sense of style. The dress should have enough detail to be seen from a distance, be fit for a royal wedding and incorporate the glamorous Hollywood side of her personality. 

I would dress Meghan in a pale ivory gown with fitted opaque bodice falling into full skirt embellished with romantic hand pressed flowers and beading detail at the hem.”

#6 If Sassi Holford could have a particular celebrity or person to be the face of the bridal brand, who would it be? Who embodies the label in their style and personality?

“I would love the amazing English rose actor Jenna Coleman to wear one of my gowns! She has such a confident sense of style and really understands her body shape. I love how she mixes different designers and styles. She embodies what a Sassi bride should be – true to herself!”


#1 Summer or Winter? Both if a clear day

#2 Heels or flats? Flats reluctantly

#3 Pet hate? Moaning

#4 Beverage of choice? English breakfast tea 

#5 Pearls or diamonds? Diamonds

#6 The last book you read? All that man is – Davis Szalay

#7 Favourite destination? Home after a great holiday or business trip.

#8 Early rise or lie in? Early rise

#9 Chic in Chanel or dressed down in loved denim? Dressed down (though maybe not denim)

#10 Instagram or Twitter? Instagram 

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All images are sourced from Sassi Holford


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