6 things NOT to do when planning the hen party | Explained in gifs


This is no time to panic. REPEAT: this is NO time to panic. One must approach all hen party planning tasks with a clear and level head. And, no: drinking two glasses of wine to ‘calm the nerves’ *air quotes* will not help, trust me. 


#2 Make decisions after a large consumption of wine 

Emboldened by vino is not the way to approach the hen planning situation. One might suddenly think that a banana-themed hen party is a good idea and that a surprise 14 hour coach trip could be hilarious. When in reality, you will become very unpopular with your bride tribe very fast. 


#3 Be disorganized

This is no time to be disorganized bridal babe. Flamingo floats? Check. Passport? Check. Boarding passes? Check. Luggage? Check. Bride-to-be? Check. 


#4 Take things personally 

Okay, so Sandra may not want to attend the 4 hour boat party wearing the matching two-piece that you’ve personally ordered and paid for, but that’s up to Sandra. And…breatheeeee. Not everyone is going to agree, and it’s okay to let people do what they want. Now. Unclench the hen party schedule hun. 


#5 Worry 

Cos’ that’ll help absolutely NOTHING (and potentially just cause you to have an iffy tummy). Totally NOT speaking from experience here. 


#6 Get over-involved 

You know what I’m talking about: you’re monitoring the hen party Whatsapp 24/7, you’ve added ‘hen party planner’ to your LinkedIn profile and you’ve issued yourself with a certificate of excellence for locating flamingo-themed hen party decor. Put the hen party planner down, hun. 


All gifs are sourced from Giphy


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