Invisibra | Let’s lift, shape + support

When it comes to the big day, the last thing you want bridal babe, is misbehaving underwear. 

You know what I’m talking about: the gel cups that suddenly take on a life of their own and slide south as soon as the temperature rises or that naughty strapless bra that is determined to peep over the top of your wedding dress (just nosey isn’t it)… 

Happily, your underwear mishap days are over with the arrival of InvisiBra, the first Strapless Backless Bra that’s not only functional but looks pretty too. This little beauty will not only lift (yes), shape (give it to me) and support (hallelujah) but the brand uses dermatologically tested medical grade silicone and cutting edge, skin-friendly adhesive. 

Designed to stay on until you decide to take it off (rather than slip down to your ankles when it feels like it – who’s been there *raises hand*) InvisiBra’s seamless smooth texture and neutral skin tones will sit pretty (and hidden) under everything from silk to chiffon. 

Plus, heads-up! The brand has also launched a range of loungewear to compliment their bras, bringing cool backless and off-the-shoulder pieces to the table. 

Prices for the InvisiBra start from £26. 

Click here to discover more about InvisiBra


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