Faber Novella | Luxury Redefined

Say HELLO to Faber Novella, brides-to-be, a luxury shoe brand that is all about keeping things personal… 

“We believe that personalized shoes are not reserved for special occasions, but special occasions call for something more personal.” Faber Novella

Handcrafted in Italy, Faber Novella is causing a stir with their custom-made bridal shoes. Not only is the label preserving the art of Italian shoe making but they are treating their customers to the ultimate in Italian quality and a SERIOUS amount of style options! 

Get ready to create your DREAM bridal shoe with Faber Novella, and then delight in the fact that each and every shoe made, is individually handcrafted in the brand’s small, family-run aterlier in Vigevano, Italy. 

There’s something truly special about customizing your own bridal shoes, and why stop there? Why not do the same for your Mother-of-the-bride? Or your bride tribe? The options are literally endless… 

Want to discover more from Faber Novella and get customising? Click here

All images are sourced from Faber Novella


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