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Kick-starting the wedding dress hunt can be SERIOUSLY overwhelming. What to bring? Where to start? Who to take? Don’t let the questions send you into a wedding-fueled spin bridal babe, simply read the following! Luckily for you, I’ve teamed up with Kerri Ashworth, the bridal expert and driving force behind luxury bridal boutique, Bridal Indulgence to bring you the answers to all of your questions. Plus, while you learn what lays ahead, delight in the boutique’s latest – and truly enchanting – styled shoot with photographer, Sarah Hoyle. Now, THAT’S what we call inspiration…

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 14 years, you’re in safe hands with Kerri at Bridal Indulgence. So, stop shredding the seating plan in panic, and get wedding-dress ready…

Let’s shop!

#1 How would you suggest brides kick-start their wedding dress hunt. How should they start to get inspired?
“By all means look in magazines and online for inspiration, but don’t get too fixated on a particular style as you just don’t know what you will end up suiting! It’s best to go to your first appointment with an open mind.”

#2 When heading out to their first ever bridal appointment, what do brides need to find out and think about? Do they need to prepare in any way?
“It is always worth doing some research before booking an appointment at a boutique. Every bridal boutique is unique – catering to different styles, tastes and budgets. Your time is precious, so make sure you pick boutiques to visit that suit you and your wedding. Phone ahead to ask any questions you have that may not be answered on the boutique’s website.”

#3 Do you think there’s a maximum number of gowns that brides should try on? When is too many, too many?
“There are so many different wedding dresses out there, and this is why I meet so many brides who’ve got themselves confused and stressed out about wedding dress shopping. There is no need to go to every bridal shop and try on hundreds of dresses as it will take the fun out of the experience for you. There is no minimum or maximum number of dresses you should try on, but when trying on wedding dresses starts to feel like a chore, you’ve probably tried on too many.”

#4 Who should brides think about bringing with them to a bridal appointment?
“Bring along the people who will be honest with you, who’s opinions you trust but most importantly, who will listen to you. At Bridal Indulgence, I have a limit of four guests because any more and it can get too overwhelming.”

#5 What should brides-to-be do if they’re feeling stressed about the dress hunt?
“Take a break! When you’re constantly thinking about, looking at and trying on wedding dresses it can become too much. Put your wedding dress hunt on hold and take on another wedding task to take your mind off wedding dresses. Even if it’s just for a couple of days.”

#6 When, ideally, do brides need to order their dress by? How long before the wedding?
“Different designers have different lead times and then you need to allow time for alterations. At Bridal Indulgence, I would recommend a minimum of 6 months from order date to wedding date. But it’s always nice to allow longer if possible.”

#7 What are the options if they miss the above deadline?
“There are always options so don’t panic! Some designers offer an express service to get your gown in quicker although you should note that there will be an additional cost for this. Watters carry a few gowns that are available for immediate delivery. And then of course there’s a sample sale dress which is available to take away that day and usually with a very good discount!”

#8 What does the process and fittings entail after a bride has found the one at a boutique? What do bride’s need to bring with them for their up-coming fittings?
“Once you have found your dream dress and ordered it, it’s time to think about your shoes, underwear and accessories. Shoes are very important to bring along to your fittings to ensure that the length of the dress is perfect. It’s always a good idea to wear your underwear for your fitting to check that you can’t see it. I know it’s boring, but I would always recommend nude seamless underwear.”

#9 What do brides need to consider when choosing the dream dress?
“It’s good to have an idea of at least a rough budget before you go dress shopping. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a dress that is considerably over your budget.

Your venue and location shouldn’t dictate your wedding dress, but you may need to be mindful of it. If you’re going somewhere that’s going to be very hot, you will want to avoid heavy fabrics. If it’s a religious ceremony, you may wish to be a little more covered. And, if you’re having a bohemian style wedding for example, you may want a more informal dress to reflect the style and theme.”

#10 What is the usual timings for collecting their wedding dress? Or does it differ depending on the boutique/designer?
“Every boutique will be different and also every bride. At Bridal Indulgence, I work with each bride and we will aim for a date that’s convenient for her to collect her dress. It’s usually a busy time for a bride-to-be so we will do our best to work around appointments, hen dos and travel.”

#11 What will brides need to think about after the big day when it comes to keeping their wedding dress in the best condition possible?
“Choose a dry cleaner than specialise in cleaning wedding dresses and go on a recommendation if possible. Boxed Bridal is great because they clean your wedding dress for you then box it up beautifully. You’ve spent a lot of money on your dress, so you need to make sure that it’s looked after properly.”

#12 And, finally, what would be your overall, No.1 piece of advice to brides-to-be starting the wedding dress hunt?
“If you know you aren’t ready to purchase your wedding dress, then don’t go shopping until you are. New dresses are coming in, dresses are being discontinued so the assortments will change. But, more importantly, choosing your wedding dress is a special experience and if you’re going wedding dress shopping every weekend for 6 months, it is no longer special. Make it a fun and special experience.

Happy shopping!”

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All images are sourced from Bridal Indulgence. Photography by Sarah Hoyle.

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