5 ways to be a put together bride on your wedding day | (explained in gifs)

Photography: Madison May Photography

If, like me, you’re not a completely chic, put-together kind of girl in real life (HELLO stained t-shirt 5 minutes after I’ve put you on fresh from the wash), that’s okay! One can still maintain a chic, ‘put-together’ appearance on your wedding day (i.e. no stains on the dress/broken heels) with these five simple tips!

#1 Prep PREP prep

Be organised my bridal babe. I’m the kind of person who will put things in a ‘safe place’ so I don’t lose them. And, then five minutes later/or when I need said item, cannot remember where that safe place was. Organisation is therefore KEY for the big day. Get everything prepped and in order, and perhaps even make a list of things you need to remember to do or bring and pop it somewhere you’ll definitely see it on the morning of the day itself (your forehead, perhaps). It’s also worth giving your bride tribe certain jobs, so the pressure’s not all on you!

My ‘safe place’ for storing important things:


#2 Get pampered the day before!  

No bride wants to be shaving her legs on the morning of the big day in a hurry, nor desperately plucking a strange, wiry hair chin that’s suddenly emerged (brilliant timing), so the best thing to indulge in – with bride tribe in tow – is a day of pampering, chin hair-plucking, leg-waxing and general beautifying so you’re all prepped for your trip down the aisle! P.s. if you’re tanning, ask the beauty salon when best to have the tan done (the day before or earlier?). No one wants to take to the aisle looking like a tangerine/Ross out of Friends

#3 Bring an emergency bridal kit

For the day itself make sure one of your bridesmaids comes equipped with an EMERGENCY BRIDAL KIT. Fill said kit with key make-up utensils, spare hair pins, a needle and thread (for potential dress hiccups), high heel foot gels (for tired dancing feet), mints etc.

See below for what happens when you forget your EMERGENCY BRIDAL KIT:


#4 Just pretend you meant to do it… 

Fell over halfway down the aisle? Just explain it was part of a dance routine. Knocked out a bridesmaid when throwing the bouquet? Um, that was the second part of the dance routine? Sloshed your glass of champagne over your new husband’s cousin. Third phase of the dance routine. 

#5 Be YOU

In all seriousness, if all else fails and you’re not a particularly put-together bride on the big day… who cares? Be yourself and enjoy every minute! Stained the dress? You won’t forget that moment – but it was YOUR moment. It was irrefutably you. Accidentally punched your Mother-in-law on the dance floor with your extravagant dance moves? OOPS. Trust me when I say it’s better if your day is imperfectly you, because perfect would be boring.

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