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‘She is fire, with a lightning soul. She is fierce, and wild, and brimming with passion. She is wonderful magic, a hurricane.’Sunday Lane

If you follow Bridal Editor on Instagram (search @bridaleditor or click here) you will know that I love nothing more than tumbling down the rabbit hole and coming across new and incredibly inspiring brands from all over the globe, especially when I can see them working for the cool bridal babes that you guys are.

Happily, this one evening my fingers scrolled over absolute gold dust in the form of the Australian “creative studio born out of love, and wild dreams“, Sunday Lane. After fawning over the studio’s carefully curated feed for a good few minutes (read: at least 25), I reached out to the owner and creative director, Caitlyn Everett to talk all things Sunday Lane and more.

So, go pour a cup of fresh coffee bridal babe, because this is your afternoon reading sorted…

1 Talk to us about your background and the inspiration to start up Sunday Lane?

“I’ve actually got a degree in Interior Design. A twelve month course, 5 days a week full time that was honestly the best thing I ever did. It was the pathway that brought me to Sunday Lane. It feels like fate. A combination of perfect timing, true love and wild, wild dreams.”

2 Tell us about the Zodiac Woman collection I & II, what’s the inspiration behind these prints?

Zodiac Women I was born as a personal project before Sunday Lane was even created. It has grown so organically and we have been so blessed by all the opportunities that have come our way because of it. When I stop and think about someone reading my writing and feeling strength, it is indescribable. It has been an absolute whirlwind of people reaching out to say how empowered they feel. After an unbelievably blissful year I finally felt like I was ready to rework our original designs and so came Zodiac Women II.”

3 Talk us through the inspiration for the Orchid Series

“An Orchid is delicate, exotic and graceful, both wild and genteel at the same time, something I feel is so align with our brand. The Orchid Series is our most recent project and the words in Orchid Series I came from a place of pure love after the birth of our darling boy. The rest was chance, drawings put together while sketching in the studio.”

4 Sunday Lane is such a beautifully curated site, and I love your offering of accessories. Are these pieces made by you? Or sourced from somewhere specific?

“These are pieces I dreamed up and reached out to a lot of suppliers before importing them. It was such a fun project and has shown us so much love. This year we’re working with some really special brands to design and launch a collection of jewellery made in Australia. Something that has really only become possible after the growth of our business.”

5 What materials are you really feeling inspired by this 2019?

“Our latest collection has really been a stepping stone in figuring out where Sunday Lane is heading as a brand. We adore pearls and gold and we’re really excited to be exploring those materials.”

6 I feel as though your beautifully selection of accessories are just perfect for the bohemian bride, have you had brides purchasing pieces for their wedding day? That you know of?

“Yes, we have! I’ve had a few lovely brides reach out and I’m beyond grateful that they’ve chosen us for their big day.”

7 I read that your beautiful work is stocked in over 30 stores across Australia! How can we find these? What do you look for in a store or boutique for this type of partnership?

“I know, I think I still don’t believe it myself. They’re all up on our website, under ‘Stockists’ and honestly, they are some of the most incredible, beautiful stores. I count my lucky stars every single day that Sunday Lane sits in their boutiques amongst other brands I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. We have been so blessed in that all our stockists have reached out to us. I think I can quite quickly gage whether we’re a good fit for each other.”

8 If you could collaborate with another brand who would it be and why?

“I cannot decide on just one but some projects I’m dying to work on are jewellery and fashion labels, publication, fine art photography prints and events for business women. I am so inspired by brands like An Organised Life, Kate & Kole, Ruusk, La Porte Space and Sir The Label, just to name a few, so I suppose they are brands I’d love to align myself with sometime in the future.”

9 If you could pick any celebrity or person to be the face of Sunday Lane, who would it be and why?

“I thought so long and hard about this question but I honestly don’t think I could ever choose just one. I change my mind ten million times a day and I love the idea of an ever changing brand. I always want something more. I also love the thought of new people bringing new ideas and creating something completely separate and special each time. I just think I created Sunday Lane with such a broad idea of what it could be and I haven’t even come close to exploring that yet. In saying that, I have a few women on a list of people I would die to work with. None of them are professional models, just beautiful everyday women I have discovered and loooove.”

10 Talk us through a regular 9-5 pm day for you…

“My 9-5 starts at 5am when our ittle boy usually wakes up. The first few hours are total mother son vibes and then we really try to get as much work done in the morning as we can. That is emails, prepping and packing orders, then dispatching. There is no such thing as regular when you’re a self-employed Mum but on days that I am lucky enough to get some dream time in, I have a giant to do list of things I have planned for Sunday Lane. Slowly, and inbetween some sweet baby love, I am working through it.”

The quick-fire round…

Favourite wine: “I’m not ashamed to say my wine of choice is Sweet Lips Moscato. My friends will laugh when they read that!”

Coffee or tea? “I don’t drink either! People honestly think I’m some kind of psycho but Matt and I don’t have a single tea bag or coffee pod in the entire house.”

Favourite place to escape to? “Definitely Byron. We actually got engaged at Watego’s so it really has such a special place in my heart.”

Favourite luxury brand? “Oh Zimmermann, definitely. An Australian brand absolutely killing it worldwide. What a dream.”

Favourite book?Welcome to the Motherhood, My Dear edited by Jamila Rizvi with paragraphs from around 30 Australian women about life after a baby. It was so what I needed when I was trying to figure out going back to work four weeks out from giving birth. It made me laugh, cry (a lot) and helped me appreciate the wild journey that is motherhood.”

Your personal favourite piece of advice for de-stressing: “Get outside. Fresh air brings with it a whole world of magic.”

Advice for a bride-to-be and her style journey? “There are things that might not go to plan… it may not be as extreme for you as finding out you’re expecting a baby 5 months out from the wedding, or chipping your front tooth in half the night before (Oh yes! It happened) but remember why you’re on this wild ride in the first place. We’re so glad we did it our way. Ironically you can’t get much more unconventional than a pregnant bride but we didn’t compromise on the way we wanted our day to feel and in the end it was so unbelievably us.

Sunday Lane’s beautiful print series and flowing words will not only make for wonderful gifts for your maids and bridal party, but as a gift for you from you. And, those accessories? Why, they are made to be worn down the aisle. Discover them all here.

A massive thank you to Caitlyn from Sunday Lane for sharing her advice, loves and stories with Bridal Editor. I can’t wait to see where the Sunday Lane journey takes you..

Discover Sunday Lane here.

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