The LAW Bridal | Second collection ’19

“We encourage our brides to wear The LAW, and then write their own.”

Catering to the modern woman who has a clear, defined and individual sense of style, bridal label The LAW is all about chic, minimal silhouettes and incredibly cool details…

Bringing their second collection to the floor this 2019, The LAW endeavors to start hearts beating with their carefully curated array of fresh, contemporary bridal pieces that can be worn throughout the entire wedding weekend.

Fall hard for their modern geometric shapes, cool lines and refreshing texture mix, all of which have been inspired by the natural world. Be prepared for statement backs, phenomenal details, insanely cool draped silhouettes and unique finishing touches. Consisting of eight gowns, two capes and a beautiful range of interchangeable separates – that every bride will instantly fawn over – these pieces can be mixed up (be it layered or paired with) to suit your own individual style this 2019.

“We really wanted each of our brides to be able to transform her look into something totally unique without having to look anywhere else for add-ons, accessories, or even a second look,” says designer Megan Lawrence. “Many of the pieces can be added to or removed from the gown, which enables our brides to change up their look throughout the day without having to purchase multiple outfits.”

The LAW is for the bride who wants to make her own rules.

 Campaign credits:
Photography: @lauraraephotography
Makeup: @jakbeautymn
Model: @delaneydekok

Based in the US, click here to discover more.

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