[AD] BrideWalk | A sneak peek at their new collection

With bridal month well underway, designers and labels everywhere are unveiling their glittering new glossy collections, and BOY do I have some good news for you, bride-to-be! Ahead of their new collection release, the creatives at BrideWalk have kindly given Bridal Editor a seriously cool sneak peek at the sketches for the new line…

To say I’m excited about the new arrivals, is an understatement. Following in the shimmering wake of the brand’s eight first sartorial stars – including Alisha, Annabel, Arya, Alma, Anjali, Antonia, Alyona and Agnes – the second collection from the label is set to be PHENOMENAL. From studying the sketches (because we all know I have been with great enthusiasm) I spy everything from ethereal illusion necklines and slinky backs, to structured bodices, flowing hemlines, floral lace, an incredible asymmetric gown that was just made to take to the aisle, a trouser suit that will knock your (and everybody else’s) socks off, and much, much more.

Prepare to cast your eye over sexy silhouettes, peek-a-boo thigh-high slits and incredibly placed cut outs. This collection looks to be fresh, explosive in style and perfectly directed at the fashion-forward, contemporary 2019 bride. Plus, with BrideWalk’s current track record, you’ll be able to rest in the knowledge that the marriage of fabrics for each gown will be just impeccable, not to mention the embellishment, lace and cut of the dresses.

Discover more from BrideWalk here, plus keep your eye out for the arrival of the new line!

You can follow the brand here on Instagram too.

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