[AD] A state of Reverie | with BrideWalk

“Contrasts disrupt the ordinary, whether they’re found in nature, architecture or art.” BrideWalk

With Barcelona Bridal Week 2019 in full flow and countless metres of carefully stitched, sculpted and refined fabric taking to the runways in the form of aisle-worthy bridalwear, there’s never been a better time to get inspired for your big day look.


Making waves with their new collection, Reverie is BrideWalk, a label that – although new – is skillfully carving its own path through the industry with their strikingly contemporary gowns. At the helm of the brand’s designs is Mihaela Birceanu, a designer who’s understanding of materials and shape will instantly appeal to the contemporary bride. Especially one who is searching for unique style that pushes the traditional bridal rules.

“We named our new collection Reverie as it was designed in the early hours of the morning when the contrast between dreams and reality is just starting to take shape and makes any vision seem more possible.”

The name ‘Reverie’ instantly conjures up the idea of a series of daydream-worthy bridal concoctions that every bride-to-be will want to spend hours fawning over. Happily, in reality I can report that this will certainly the case. The new arrivals (Florence, Georgia, Madison, Peyton, Regina and Vienna) will immediately enchant with their unique material palette combinations, unusual details and striking silhouettes. Prepare to delight in everything from Florence’s architectural asymmetric sheer overlay in glittering lace, to Madison’s arresting cut outs and embroidery and Regina’s jaw-dropping geometric floral lace and nude underlay. I’m also personally smitten with Peyton’s exquisite mixture of materials and adore how a sequin encrusted, sheer layer of fabric plays peek-a-boo from a seductive thigh slit.


“When designing our new collection, we tried to create the same effect by juxtaposing simplicity with sophistication through the alternation of different textures, colours and geometric cuts.”


Inspired throughout by a compelling mix of textures that entice and enthrall, BrideWalk’s Reverie collection will instantly speak to every brides’ inner style maven. The line is all about catering to the fashion-forward bride who wants to create her own trends, and leave traditional rules in the dust behind her.


Discover more from Reverie and BrideWalk by clicking here.


Plus, keep an eye on BrideWalk’s Instagram here for all the action from Barcelona Bridal Week!


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