5 things to think about when accessorising your wedding dress | Explained in gifs

Once you’ve stepped foot in a bridal boutique or fallen headfirst down the Instagram rabbit hole, it’s pretty darn easy to carried away when it comes to those all-glittering accessories.

Before you know it, you’re taking to the aisle equipped with everything from a glistening Dolce & Gabbana-style crown to a Swarovski-encrusted walking stick (cos’ you opted for the highest pearl-adorned Louboutins there is and Can’t. Actually. Walk. In. Them).

Here’s 7 ways to avoid taking to the aisle looking like you’ve just raided Hatton Garden…

#1 Stop when it feels right

Especially stop when you’re no longer able to move, and maybe remove several of the offending items. Overdoing it is something no bride should commit to. As Mademoiselle Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” The accessories are there to complement the dress, not overwhelm it.


#2 Make sure it’s ‘you’

If the Mother-in-law is insisting you don a 25 metre veil with embroidered succulents on it, stand your ground (unless, succulents are your thing, of course). If it doesn’t feel like YOU when you’re wearing it, take it off.


#3 Don’t mix your metals

Otherwise, you’ll start looking like you’ve fallen (literally) into the nearest Tiffany’s. A good suggestion is to follow the lead of your engagement ring. If it’s a glittering silver beauty, add a pair of show-stopping silver earrings (particularly if you’ve opted for a plunging neckline) and matching Jimmy Choos.


#4 To have and to hold, and to wear FOREVER

Think carefully when purchasing your accessories. Invest in fine craftsmanship and quality – made with love – as well as brand you have an affinity with. You’ll want to treasure these beauties for a lifetime, and then pass them down the generations.


#5 Think about your dress

Once ‘the dress’ has been purchased, the accessory hunt can begin. When whittling down the options, consider not only the neckline of your gown but the material and embellishment too. If it’s already encrusted with sparkling jewels, adding a three-foot high jewelled headpiece might be a bit much.


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