Mother of Pearl | ‘Pearly Whites’ Bridal Collection

Mother of Pearl

“Creativity and ethics sit equally in our brand philosophy. We believe in delivering beautiful clothes without compromising on integrity” Mother of Pearl

If you haven’t discovered the creative power house that is Mother of Pearl it’s about time you did, bride-to-be.

Mother of Pearl bridal capsule collection

With an aim to do their bit “to slow fast fashion down” and to work “towards making Mother of Pearl a fully sustainable brand,” Mother of Pearl is causing quite the stir in the industry, Plus, alongside all of this, this April the label unveiled their ‘Pearly Whites’ bridal capsule collection

bridal capsule collection

The capsule line evolved when Mother of Pearl’s Creative Director Amy Powney was faced with the decision as to what to take to the aisle in for her own wedding day. As a more alternative kind of bride – a typical wedding dress just wasn’t going to do it – Powney decided to create her own ensemble at her East London studio.

bridal capsule collection

“I’m not a traditional wedding gown girl, but as a designer, I had the luxury of making my own outfit. I decided I wanted to offer options to other women out there who like me, don’t want to get married in a conventional wedding dress. The ‘Pearly Whites’ line features beautiful, easy-to-wear pieces handmade in our studio.”

bridal capsule collection by Mother of Pearl

Prepare to dive headfirst into this curated line of stunning bridal creations created using organic materials, threaded throughout with Mother of Pearl’s signature attention to detail and statement relaxed style. Elegance breezes its way throughout the line, looping around ethereal pearl-adorned silk satin wide leg trousers, faux pearl collars, voluminous sleeves and eclectic shoulder ruffles. I’ll take the ivory trouser set, please. Oh, and did I mention? There’s a pair of ivory mules that’ll send you into a pearl-induced spin…

Available exclusively from Mother of Pearl online here, no bride will be able to resist.

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