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Luca Mercedes Photography – Becca’s friends wedding at Burning Man

Do you remember Becca Hunton? The hair and make-up stylist (the one I secretly think may be some sort of blush-wielding, mascara-applying, hair pin-pinning wizard) I wrote about previously? Well, I’ve got good news bridal babe. I managed to catch up with the busy boss babe and discover everything from her favourite celebrity wedding to her pet hate…

Plus, one thing is clear, Becca Hunton shares my love for the way in which high-fashion and bridal have fused together over the past few years. It’s no longer just about that traditional bridal up-do with the pearl studs, it’s about anything and everything – whatever you want. Take to the aisle barefoot, break out a pearl-encrusted jumpsuit with Solange Knowles-style cape. Bring pale pink mermaid waves to the table and opt for a dip dyed veil. The bridal world is your oyster, baby.

Read on to discover more about the woman behind the mascara wand…

Natalie Pluck Photography

#1 Who is Becca Hunton? Tell us a little bit about your background and experience? I’ve read that you’ve worked for some incredible brands including Label M backstage at London Fashion Week…

“I’ve been working in the industry for 17 years. I studied at London College of Fashion and soon after that I moved to Ibiza. Ibiza was the place that introduced me to bridal hair and make-up, I worked over there getting brides ready for their big day. I also got dancers ready for the likes of Hedkandi too.

After coming home I started working for TONI&GUY, that’s when I first joined their label.m session team for LFW (which I’m still a team member of now even though I don’t work for T&G). I also work alongside designers at Bridal Fashion Week getting models ready for their runway shows.”

#2 What inspired the launch of Becca Hunton Hair & Make-up? When and how did the brand begin and launch? Was this always your career direction?

“Becca Hunton HQ started nearly six years ago. I felt I was ready to have my own business -something I always wanted to do – and combine my love for both hair and make-up. I kind of fell into the wedding Industry and I’m so glad I did, I absolutely love it!”

Natalie Pluck Photography

#3 What is it you love most about your job? What’s it like working in such a creative and inspiring industry?

“I love the variety of my job, no day is the same and I meet new people all the time. I love fashion so working on shoots for magazines and bridal designers is amazing. I’ve made some really good friends through this industry too. I love meeting so many like-minded people and I’ve now got a little network going and we get creative and put shoots together quite often. I also love how bridal and high-end fashion have crossed over and it’s not all “bridal” anymore (if you get what I mean).”

#4 Talk us through how you work with brides. What’s the first step? Get in touch and go from there? Talk us through the Becca Hunton Hair & Make-up bridal process…

“When a bride first wants to book an appointment, I give them a call over the phone and we chat over ideas etc. Then, 4-6 weeks prior to the big day the bride makes a visit to my hair and make-up studio where I book out a few hours to try out different looks until we are happy with the end result. I always ask my brides to make mood boards of ideas too.”

Jenny Maden Photography 

#5 When it comes to bridal make-up looks, can you create anything? Do you a signature style? Are the hair and make-up options endless?

“I would say my signature style is very relaxed and bohemian. Think: glowing skin, natural but glam. Although, I can turn my hand to anything, I quite like having variety to be honest.”

#6 Do you travel? What’s the furthest place your job has taken you to?

“I am willing to travel anywhere in the UK or worldwide. My friend got married at Burning Man so I created her wedding hair and attended the wedding. It was so cool!”

Nadia Meli Photography

#7 When it comes to the products you use for hair and make-up, what brands do you often lean towards and why?

“Hair-wise I stick with label.m I love their products and a lot of them are vegan and all are cruelty-free. Make-up wise, I’m really into Charlotte Tilbury. I love everything I’ve tried of hers up to now. I also love Anastasia Beverly Hills eye-shadow palettes. I’ve also just been introduced to Arbonne make-up, I absolutely adore their foundations primer and eye-shadows. I use Veil Cover foundation on brides as it’s made with natural ingredients and photographs really well… it doesn’t budge all day either! All the other brands I have mentioned are cruelty-free…plus Arbonne is Vegan too.”

#8 What can brides-to-be always rely on Becca Hunton Hair & Make-up for?

“All brides can rely on me to be punctual and have a relaxed, friendly outgoing nature, making the wedding morning chilled and enjoyable. I don’t get stressed. They can also be assured that they will feel 100% their very best after I’ve done their hair and make-up.”

Jenny Maden Photography 

#9 It’s not just bridal hair and make-up you offer is it? There’s an entire haul of amazing services you offer out. Tell us more about these…

“I’m focusing more on bridal now, I do cut and colour hair but I have a few select clients. I style hair and create make-up for editorial shoots for magazines, I’ve done front covers and I also work with designers on their look books. I offer lessons and masterclasses, either one-to-one or to groups, either in salons or small groups at my studio. Offering online training may be on the horizon soon too hopefully.”

#10 Do the trends influence your work? If so, how? What inspires you? Who inspires you?

“Trends definitely inspire me. Working backstage at fashion week means I get to pull ideas and create anything from the most avant-garde styles to something ideal for a modern, fashion conscious bride. Working on editorials allows me to also cross over bridal and high fashion looks.”

#11 From your experience, when it comes to brides thinking about their hair and make-up, what should they be thinking about? What do you NOT recommend they do?

“I honestly don’t recommend doing your own hair and make-up on the big day. You want to feel relaxed and chilled and having an expert doing this for you means they’ll know how it will photograph and what suits your face shape and skin tone etc. Also, you need to know that you look perfect from every angle as the photographer will be capturing natural shots of you all day.”

Melissa Beattie Photography

#12 When it comes to a bridal hair and make-up trial, is there anything brides should do or bring? Mood boards? Products? Etc. ?

“I always recommend Pinterest. Brides can then add me to their board so I can see what they’re thinking. If they have any accessories or a veil I request that they bring those along too. I have a full range of products, but if they have favourites then I’m happy to use them.”

#13 Talk us through a regular work day, what do you get up to?

“I don’t really have a regular work day as all my days can be different. I usually have very early mornings when I’m doing a wedding, so I take my big cup of tea on my journey with me and plenty of snacks! I also need tea as soon as I get up, my little french bulldog sits with me while I have it then we go on a walk. I love the outdoors and live in the countryside.

If I’m doing trials I’m based within a bridal shop, which is lovely. I normally do a hair and make-up trial in the morning and one in the afternoon. I book all morning or afternoon for hair and make-up (1.5 hours for one or the other).

I travel all over doing shoots or weddings, I love that it takes me to new places all the time. I work in London a lot.”

#14 Name a celebrity wedding you loved…

“When Kate Moss married Jamie Hince, I absolutely loved her John Galliano boho gown… just my cup of tea!! It was beautiful. Just to add – my favourite alternative dresses to getting married in are Temperley London gowns… I love them!! That’s what I would wear!”

#15 Name a real life wedding you worked on and loved. Why was this?

“My favourite wedding to have worked on has got to have been my friends in the Nevada Desert at Burning Man Festival! Best wedding ever!”

#16 If you could create the hair and make-up for any celebrity (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

“It’s got to be Helena Bonham Carter. I love her style and quirkiness.”

Natalie Pluck Photography


#1 Summer or Winter? “Summer.”

#2 Heels or flats? “Flats.”

#3 Pet hate? “Bad manners.”

#4 Favourite wine? “Red.”

#5 Pearls or diamonds? “Pearls.”

#6 Coffee or tea? “Tea.”

#7 Favourite destination? “Grand Canyon.”

#8 Early rise or lie in? “Early rise.”

#9 Dressed up or dressed down in denim? “Dressed down in denim.”

#10 Favourite book? “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.”

#11 Favourite way to relax? “Yoga.”

#12 One piece of business advice on running and creating a brand: “Go with your gut instinct every time.”

#13 Social media hate? “Twitter.”

#14 Social media love: “Instagram!”

Want to discover more about Becca Hunton Hair & Make-up and book a trial with her? Click here.

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