[AD] We’re feeling sky-high | with BrideWalk

Take to the sartorial skies, in BrideWalk’s intriguing new bridal collection, Reverie this 2019…

Carving their own unique path through the industry with their strikingly fashion-forward gowns, BrideWalk’s latest collection flirts with the theme of contrasts. “Contrasts disrupt the ordinary, whether they’re found in nature, architecture or art. When designing our new collection, we tried to create the same effect by juxtaposing simplicity with sophistication through the alternation of different textures, colours and geometric cuts,” explains the brand.

With a material palette working everything from architectural asymmetric sheer overlays in glittering lace to sleek nude underlays and embellishment that showcases an absolute riot of texture, the latest line is truly the epitome of a textural contrast, something that will instantly appeal to the modern day bride.

Their latest editorial – based in airplane hangar – therefore mirrors this theme perfectly, with the glittering industrial wings of the giant machines effortlessly highlighting the distinction between their architectural shapes and the brand’s ethereal, strikingly cut designs.

One thing’s clear, BrideWalk’s cool, sassy style is here to stay.
Click here to discover more from the brand.

Want to try on a gown by BrideWalk? Discover their stockists: The Knot in Nottingham, Love in Lace in Kent and Flamingo Boulevard in Liverpool.

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