Juvelan’s Gemstone Collection | Awash with colour #ad

Threaded with a graceful modern femininity, the jewellery creations by up-and-coming jewellery label, JUVELAN will immediately beguile the modern 2020 bride and speak to her inner style maven (who always wears Jimmy Choo’s and won’t go out without a slick of lipstick). With something to romance every bride, the less traditional of us will instantly be seduced by the brand’s shimmering Gemstone Collection…

If glistening pearls and glittering diamonds don’t quite float your bridal boat, JUVELAN’s delicate gemstone designs will instantly appeal and endlessly inspire brides to expertly add a touch of whimsical colour to their aisle-ready look…

Dive deep into AQUAMARINE

“With its fascinating colour spectrum from delicate pastel to intense indigo blue, it lives up to its name, which derives from the Latin “aqua marina”: “seawater.”” Designer, Johan Vandamme

Not only will the delicate beauty of the Aquamarine stone implore you to place it close to your complexion, but it’s an incredibly subtle way to introduce that traditional ‘something blue’ into your special day. Abounding with varying depths of shade – from a pale, delicate pastel to more powerful cerulean tones – this stone works beautifully against multiple skin tones and is said to have a positive impact on the body and soul.

Discover more about Aquamarine gemstones here.

Plunge into the decadent depths of SAPPHIRE

“Most people don’t know that except for red, sapphires come in all kinds of hues and colours – although the name “sapphire” stems from the Greek meaning “blue stone”.” Johan

As one of designer, Johan’s favourite colours, the blue Sapphire certainly reigns powerfully throughout JUVELAN’s delicate fine jewellery pieces. I’m particularly taken with the brand’s rather exquisite ‘Loyalty’ sapphire necklace, featuring a delicate and very elegant chain. Pair its opulent teardrop stone with a lower neckline for the ultimate style statement. Plus, as Johan suggests, “if you know anybody who is about to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary, sapphire jewellery might be a great gift idea as this anniversary is also called the “sapphire wedding”.” Note to self: make sure your soon-to-be-husband remembers this in years to come!

Discover more about Sapphire stones here.

Indulge in the warmth of CITRINE & TOPAZ

“Citrine comes from the Latin word citrus (lemon) and at the time of the ancient Romans, it was worshipped as the stone of the sun.” Johan

Bask in the glow of these two enchanting stones with their delicate, subtle allure. Citrine’s enticing sunshine yellows and golden oranges – which even range to decadent red – will instantly entrance and work beautifully well against a foliage crown and fresh ivory palette. The stone itself, as Johan describes, “is said to stimulate mental ability and creativity, as well as promote intuition and self-confidence.” Topaz, with its large diversity in colour, is an endearing gemstone due to its ability to display two different colours depending on the angle you view it from.

“What I personally love about Topaz is its toughness. It makes this gem particularly resistant to scratches and therefore an ideal choice for everyday jewellery that you don’t have to take off,” says designer, Johan. Which means that whichever Topaz piece you choose to wear on the big day can be worn time and time again in the future too. Discover more about Citrine and Topaz here.

Discover more of JUVELAN’s gemstones and fine jewellery pieces here.

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