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Designer, Sassi Holford

“We’ve renamed our sitting room ‘The Queen’s Arms’ and it serves a mean G&T! The only rule is nothing about the v***s can be discussed!” Sassi Holford on her most recommended quarantine pick-me-up

Iconic British bridal designer, Sassi Holford is quite the bridal force to be reckoned with, and with the news that there’s a new collection (the 2021 Spellbound Collection) on the horizon, I’ll bet quite a few newly-engaged brides’ hearts just started pumping that little bit faster. The talented, multi-tasking designer has been working flat out from her label’s workrooms this lockdown, finishing the up-coming line, finalising the Sassi Holford ready-to-wear collection and crafting a range of bridal face masks and scrubs for a hospital in Devon. We caught up with Sassi to discuss everything from her lockdown highs, lows and quarantine tipple of choice.


#1 Provide us with three words that sum-up how you were feeling about lockdown when it first started, and then three words about how you feel now:

“At the beginning – bewildered, challenged, saddened.

Now – optimistic, concerned and motivated.”

#2 What time do you get up? Has this changed? Is life a little slower? Talk to us about your new daily routine…

“7.00am. No. No. I walk or run to my workrooms now and leave the car at home, and am working – on average – ten hour days. With production halted and half of my team on furlough, I am continuing the development of my 2021 bridal collection and my next ready-to-wear collection whilst also managing staff rotas and answering phones and emails.”


#3 How is lockdown impacting your business, and how can people support you?

“The business has effectively paused because with bridal stores closed we cannot deliver brides’ wedding dresses. We are reassuring brides to keep them optimistic about their weddings because the reason for getting married has not disappeared. They can be confident that as we make in England they will have their dress on time.”

#4 Name three local businesses you are supporting or would like to support more…

“I’ve always supported local Somerset businesses with recommendations to my brides in my Taunton store. Now, the priority is the NHS and doing what I can for Taunton’s Musgrove Hospital. Also, the proceeds from my soon to be launched range of face masks will go to Women’s Aid.”

#5 What’s your favourite isolation snack?

“I’m not a snacker but the vino consumption has definitely gone up!”

#6 What’s your most recommended quarantine pick-me-up when you’re feeling down?

“We’ve renamed our sitting room ‘The Queen’s Arms’ and it serves a mean G&T! The only rule is nothing about the v***s can be discussed!”

#7 What’s the item you can now NEVER find in the supermarket (and consequently dream continuously about)…

“Flour for baking.”


#8 What’s the strangest thing that’s happened during your lockdown period…

“Our retired neighbour appears every Thursday for the Clap For Key Workers as a different national figure!”

#9 Favourite app for keeping in touch digitally with friends and family?

“Nothing beats the real thing but I’m making do with Zoom.”

#10 Name your lockdown hate:

“My daughter is on 12 week self-isolation with friends in deepest Devon and I miss her terribly.”

#11 Name your lockdown love:

“The space to focus on designing my new collections, and listening to birdsong – even at 4.00 in the morning!”

#12 The person(s) you will hug first when social distancing is no longer in place?

“My kids.”

#13 An act of kindness towards you that you’ve really appreciated?

“My two store managers are always asking if I’m ok and their support has been amazing.”

A 2021 style sketch by the designer

#14 Talk to us about what’s new at your brand?

“The 2021 Spellbound bridal collection, my new ready-to-wear collection, a range of bridal face masks and scrubs for a hospital in Devon.”


#15 Name three things the lockdown has made you grateful for:

“My garden; the low infection rate in Somerset; an amazing Spring.”

#16 Which restaurant will you dine at first once restrictions are lifted?

“I really don’t mind which restaurant as long as I’m with my closest friends.”


#17 What series have you now completed on Netflix? Any recommendations?

“I’m not a big watcher of Netflix – I pay for a Premium Account and my kids use it! I did binge watch Next In Fashion, though.”

#18 What would be your quarantine book list?

“I’ve just finished The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad.”


#19 And, finally, your quarantine cocktail/tipple of choice?

“My favourite is Isle of Harris gin which was a gift from Karen at Anne Priscilla Bridal.”

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