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Ellie Rose Bridal
Photography by White Stag Weddings

We have so many stunning Hayley Paige bridal gowns on the way.” Ellie of Ellie Rose Bridal on what’s new at the Bath boutique

Enveloped in the idyllic and historical city of Bath lies Ellie Rose Bridal, a boutique run by chief bridal consultant Ellie and her business partner Ollie. Designed and devoted to bringing brides-to-be a truly unique, personal bridal experience with a haul of glorious gowns in tow, Ellie Rose Bridal should definitely be on your must-visit list if you’re Somerset-based and kickstarting the wedding dress hunt. Especially, as they stock one of the largest hand-selected Hayley Paige collections in the South West. I caught up with Ellie (digitally, of course) to get the low-down on her lockdown…

#1 Provide us with three words that sum-up how you were feeling about lockdown when it first started, and then three words about how you feel now:

Before: “What’s going on?”

After: “Lets do this!”

Ellie Rose Bridal
Photography by White Stag Weddings

#2 What time do you get up? Has this changed? Is life a little slower? Talk to us about your new daily routine…

“Unfortunately, like many of our beautiful brides, my fiancé and I made the decision to postpone our wedding which was scheduled for 31st July 2020. This made me a bit sluggish for a few days with no real get-up-and-go which is very unlike me! ⠀

With the date fast approaching we felt a responsibility to keep our friends and family safe with what’s happening in the world right now. We didn’t want our day to be compromised by any social distancing measures either, after all I love a hug and a dance! With that in mind we took the power back, and although it was heartbreaking we finally had some clarity. My mood changed instantly with a new drive to plan a bigger better wedding. It’s good to have something positive to work towards. ⠀

This also means we are able to give our brides our full focus during this very difficult time. We know exactly what a lot of our brides and many others are going through and it’s horrible. We know that we and all our brides will have our ‘happily ever after’, but at the moment we have to recognise that there is a more important goal of keeping everybody safe.”

#3 How is lockdown impacting your business, and how can people support you?

“With the current guidelines in place we haven’t been able to open or work in any capacity. We would hugely appreciate it if any of our past brides posted a picture of their day and tagged us, as well as using the hashtag #ellierosebride or wrote a google review. But, probably most importantly, be patient with us when we are permitted to go back. It will be a learning curve and one that we will do our best to adapt to quickly.”

Ellie Rose Bridal
Hayley Paige

#4 Name three local businesses you are supporting or would like to support more…

No.1Glow Beauty, Bath (when they re-open).”

No.2Flowers by Blomme, Bath.”

No.3The Green Bird, Bath (when they re-open).”

#5 What’s your favourite isolation snack?

“Whilst in isolation I’ve been doing a lot of baking to keep myself busy and have a sense of productivity. Mainly making brownies (my favourite) but now moving on to macaroons, which so far have been successful.”

#6 What’s your most recommended quarantine pick-me-up when you’re feeling down?

“The best mood boost for me is definitely going for a walk with my two gorgeous Dachshunds (Piper & Riley) and my wonderful fiancé, Oliver. We are very lucky to be surround by beautiful countryside.”

#7 What’s the item you can now NEVER find in the supermarket (and consequently dream continuously about)…

“There hasn’t really been anything we haven’t been able to get hold of. We have been very lucky in that respect…I do definitely miss a Starbucks though!”

#8 What’s the strangest thing that’s happened during your lockdown period…

“I have started and enjoyed gardening.”

Ellie Rose Bridal
Hayley Paige

#9 Favourite app for keeping in touch digitally with friends and family?

“Zoom has been brilliant these last few months with weekly quiz nights with the family – often a well looked forward to event. I even put make-up on for them!”

#10 Name your lockdown hate:

“Not being able to see friends and family, especially as we had four weddings to attend this year.”

#11 Name your lockdown love:

“Being able to get so many DIY jobs done around the house and finally having time for a good skin care routine.”

#12 The person(s) you will hug first when social distancing is no longer in place?

“Without a doubt my Dad! I miss him so much and can’t wait for the day when I can give him a hug.”

Ellie Rose Bridal
Photography by White Stag Weddings

#13 An act of kindness towards you that you’ve really appreciated?

“We recently (September) moved house and haven’t really had the opportunity to get to know our neighbours. Lockdown has changed this with over-the-fence coffee dates and cute little notes through the letterbox. Most recently our neighbour took out our wheelie bin (I had forgot) and brought it in the next morning. It may sound small, but the act really touched me.”

#14 Talk to us about what’s new at your brand?

“When lockdown started, we were just about to welcome the gorgeous Melissa to the Ellie Rose Bridal team and receive our 2020 order we placed at NYBFW in October. We have so many stunning Hayley Paige bridal gowns on the way.”

Ellie Rose Bridal

#15 Name three things the lockdown has made you grateful for:

No.1 “Quality time with friends and family.”

No.2 “The support my fiancé Oliver has given me.”

No.3 “The support network within the bridal industry.”

#16 Which restaurant will you dine at first once restrictions are lifted?

“As mainstream as it sounds, I’m missing Nando’s!”

Hayley Paige

#17 What series have you now completed on Netflix? Any recommendations?

“We’ve been binge watching a few series such as Tiger King (along with the rest of the world), Love is Blind and now onto The Ranch.”

#18 What would be your quarantine book list?

“I’m currently reading Jojo Moyes’ After You the sequel to Me Before You. It’s a great way to get a bit of escapism, to a world where social distancing doesn’t exist.”

Ellie Rose Bridal
Hayley Paige

#19 And, finally, your quarantine cocktail/tipple of choice?

“We are huge lovers of cocktails in this household and a Cosmopolitan is usually my drink of choice, but I’ve recently been drinking Hawaiian. Our recipe? 1 ½ shots Malibu, ½ shot Blue Curacao Liqueur, ½ shot cream of coconut, and 5 shots Pineapple juice. I’m a lightweight – original recipe was 2.”

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