Golden Rhapsody | The NEW Collection by Rue de Seine

Golden Rhapsody

Enraptured by the enticing velvet light, the Rue de Seine bride takes to the illuminated sands, spurred on by the strong women who run beside her, they move – clothed in magnificent custom prints and exquisite embroideries – to the melody of Golden Rhapsody … 

Golden Rhapsody

Golden Rhapsody, the latest collection from bridal powerhouse, Rue de Seine has landed…and with serious aplomb. Steeped in the label’s signature bold attitude, out-of-this-world prints and embroideries and whimsical bohemian spirit, there’s no doubt in my mind that these latest arrivals will steal many a free-spirited brides’ heart across the globe. 

Golden Rhapsody

Inspired by “the rising sun and a kaleidoscope of hues that stretch across majestic lands”, Golden Rhapsody effortlessly instils the creative soul and rapturous energy synonymous with Rue de Seine. Fuelling every brides’ wildest wedding dress fantasy, the only issue you’ll stumble across with the new line is which one to choose

Golden Rhapsody

Release the powerful goddess that reigns within you with Gaia (available in Clay or Stone) and rise to the occasion in her organic, flowing lines and “soft, front-split sleeve” that “sparks magic and movement.” For the forward-thinking bride, Kenzo  – with her glittering golden heart, ornate corded embroidery and unique detailing – will instantly besot and leave any bride infatuated. Or, for the newly-engaged seeking splashes of scintillating colour, Golden Rhapsody’s Priya will immediately seduce. Infused with the vibrant colours of Jaipur, this glittering jewel of a gown with its “luxuriant printed devoré velvet over fine mesh” will never fail to captivate. 

Golden Rhapsody

Alongside this compelling edit of new arrivals, Golden Rhapsody also brings with it a breathtaking collection of ornate removable sleeves (hello Anika, Calcutta, Luna and Nova) as well as a series of veils to fall heavily in love with. Including everything from the enchanting tassel-adorned Nocturne Veil in off-white, to the decadent allure of the golden Sona Veil. 

Golden Rhapsody

Campaign Credits:

Photographer | Sony Hall Photography  

HMU | Leisa Welch 

Models | Irene Augustin, Isabella Moore, & Joanna Deng 

Jewellery | Opal Milk, Heart of Gold Designs 

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