HOW-TO | Hen Party Bar Cart Recipe

*Content includes Gifted Items*

For those that visibly balked when they saw the word ‘recipe’ in the above title, panic not. This has nothing to do with food. For those that don’t know me, I once left the plastic on a pizza whilst cooking it – so understandably ‘cooking’ doesn’t really come into my repertoire. No, my hen party-planning friends, this is a simple recipe for a hen party – and Instagram-worthy – bar cart…

Gifted Items:

Wrapping paper and wedding Cards from Rumble Cards

Hen party cups, ice cube tray, lip balms, bracelet, pin, squad straw and sunglasses, all from Team Hen

Bar Cart

As a little mid-week pick-me-up – and for those planning the decor for a hen party – I wanted to share my latest idea for sassy hen party style in the form of this cute little bar cart. Not only is it the ideal place to showcase her cards and gifts, but you’ll want to make sure it’s stocked with all of your B2B’s favourite beverages…cue the vintage champagne saucers and Whispering Angel!

Bar Cart

When it comes to wrapping up (and SASSing-up) your bride’s gifts, I definitely recommend turning to Rumble Cards for the brand’s truly EPIC wrapping paper. Cater to your B2B’s penchant for Keeping Up with the Kardashians with Kim K and Kanye’s fancy pink designs, or go ROYAL with the Queen (plus, I’ve just spied Joe Exotic and Louis Theroux on there too. Sweet heavens!). Click here for further inspiration! Oh, and FYI, Rumble Card’s fancy selection of Wedding Cards will have you ‘adding to cart’ in an instant too.

Bar Cart

And, in terms of hen party accessories (including the likes of pink Squad straws, heart-shaped sunglasses and diamond lapel pins, TEAM HEN is the obvious answer! Shop my picks below…

Bar Cart

GET THE LOOK with Rumble Cards

Kim K Wrapping Paper, Rumble Cards

Kanye Wrapping Paper, Rumble Cards

The Queen Wrapping Paper, Rumble Cards

Wedding cards, Rumble Cards

GET THE LOOK with Team Hen

Bridesmaid Diamond Lapel Pin, Team Hen

Squad Straw, Team Hen

Heart-shaped Sunglasses, Team Hen

Hen Party Lip Balm Favour, Team Hen

Large Hen Party Reusable Cups, Team Hen

The Bride Wristband, Team Hen

Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray, Team Hen

I Do Crew Hen Party Gift Bag, Team Hen

Discover more hen party inspiration on Bridal Editor here.

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