Artisan & Her Muse | By Cathleen Jia

Artisan & Her Muse

“The Cathleen Jia journey inspires creativity and are romantic at heart. Drawing inspiration from vintage looks mixed with contemporary elements, her signature creations blur the lines between fashion and bridal wear.” Designer, Cathleen Jia (who has just unveiled her new editorial, Artisan & Her Muse)

Celebrated for her signature vibe, where vintage fuses elegantly with modern bridal, and alluring separates, Cathleen Jia’s latest editorial brings a real raw focus to the beauty of her craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. 

Artisan & Her Muse

“It is a concept I wanted to create for a while, to showcase the space where the gowns are made,” explains the designer. Named, Artisan and Her Muse the sublimely captured editorial exposes the viewer to Cathleen’s glorious open plan loft and warehouse space with mezzanine. I love the organic feel to the space, the fact that you can see the tools, the skill, the dedication that goes into creating and curating a bridal line. 

Editorial Credits

Photographer: @whitevinephotography

HUMA: @makeupbysophieknox

Model: @titania_maye

Artisan & Her Muse

“When brides walk into the space, they are immediately greeted with our cutting table, with rolls of fabrics underneath and dress patterns hanging on the side. I think it is important to connect the making of the gown to the final product,” says Cathleen. And, she’s right. There’s something extraordinarily beautiful about this editorial and the way in which photographer, White Vine Photography have captured Cathleen’s designs against the space they were made in. 

Artisan & Her Muse

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Artisan & Her Muse
Artisan & Her Muse
Artisan & Her Muse

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