Meet Meeka | The NEW Sustainable Sleepwear Label


If the search for your bridal party’s morning-of-the-big-day sleepwear and robes has, so far, proved fruitless, your luck is about to change. Meet Meeka, the new luxury, sustainable bridal sleepwear brand


Founder and director, Micaela Serralheiro unveiled the brand this October 2020, bringing a luxurious – and carefully curated – selection of modern, natural sleepwear and robes to the table. And, be prepare for the accompanying campaign my bridal friends, because BOY will it appeal to your sun-loving, jet-setting inner goddess (especially during the current circumstances). Shot amongst the sun-baked mountains of the Algarve, it was the perfect landscape to showcase Meeka’s luxurious sleepwear offering: including robes, oversized night shirts and the brand’s signature ¾ pyjama set. 


Crafted from 100% organic cotton, your bridal party won’t be able to resist the brand’s robes with their delicate bubble texture, modern kimono silhouette, elegant bell sleeves and longer-length back hem (thoughtfully included for all those taller girls out there). Available in nude, white and the label’s two watercolour prints – Ginkgo sage and nude – the only difficult thing, is which to choose. 


For the oversized shirt-lover, Meeka’s oversized boyfriend shirt and pyjama sets will instantly appeal with their premium cotton linen blend and soft colour-palette, including neutral white (ideal for the B2B) and two sassy colour-ways featuring the founder’s favourite tulip print. Plus, why not go the extra mile and ask for your chosen pieces to be personalised? Delivered in a beautiful (reusable) cotton pouch, Meeka’s the perfect pick-me-up for the bridal party this season. 

I caught up with Micaela to delve a little deeper into the new brand… 

#1 What inspired you to launch MEEKA?  

“The idea for Meeka was birthed as a result of my own engagement. I noticed a gap in the market for classical, natural and sustainable looking bridesmaids’ robes and nightwear. I couldn’t bear to look at another polyester satin robe, that I know my bridesmaids would wear once and never again! I really wanted to wear something that could live past the wedding day! So, with the help of my buying background I naturally started developing my own & here we are.” 


#2 Talk us through the brand’s sustainable credentials 

“The whole brand has been built around sustainability. All the products in the collection are made out of 100% organic cotton or a cotton linen blend that is fully recyclable and sustainability sourced. I’ve also eliminated any plastic trims such as buttons and have used wooden buttons instead. 

My packaging is where I really wanted to make a sustainable impact – the most important being my reusable cotton pouch that each item is packaged in and can thereafter be used as a beach bag, vegetable bag or even a travel shoe bag. This is made out of 100% cotton and really elevates the product as a special gifting piece. 

Our tissue paper and stickers have been recycled and are recyclable. Our boxes are also fully recyclable and we have paid to plant a tree with a great initiative called ‘one tree planted’ allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint on the usage of these boxes. 

My favourite special touch is our seeded complimentary cards where you are able to write a special message to a friend or bridesmaid if it’s a gift. The seeded cards are fully compostable and once planted it will grow into a flower!  


I really have tried to make sure everything from start to finish has been done sustainability, even with some aspects that aren’t visible to the customer – such as ordering only one sample for approval and just approving swatches instead of several rounds of unnecessary samples.” 

#3 Who is the MEEKA bride? 

“The MEEKA bride values premium quality, and finds worth in paying a little extra knowing that this item has longevity and will live past the wedding day. The bride is also simplistic but very stylish and appreciates supporting a sustainable business that is helping protect the environment!” 

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