LOVE BY OTADUY | The Ready-to-wear Bridal Collection

“It is not another love story. It is your love story. Imperfect, special, different from how you imagined it, and actually much better.” Otaduy

Otaduy recently unveiled their carefully curated ready-to-wear collection, LOVE BY OTADUY for the 2021 bride. 


Reacting purposefully to the changing bridal landscape of their #lovewarriors and brides, the celebrated label has unleashed a phenomenal new RTW bridal collection, designed to be worn on the big day and beyond. Crafted in their divine atelier (with returns available within 15 days) from beautifully selected, vegan fabrics, no bride will be able to resist this bountiful new line by the brand. 


This enticingly fresh, digital arrival (LOVE BY OTADUY will be sold online only) has been sculpted and designed to match, as Otaduy describes, the “strong, independent and determined woman, who is not afraid to adapt to changes and new circumstances.” 


I caught up with the brand to discuss the new collection, alongside the unique flexibility of the line and the contemporary separates brides will instantly love, adore and cherish beyond ‘I do’…

#1 Who is the LOVE BY OTADUY bride? 

“With the arrival of the pandemic, the needs of brides have changed and they have been immersed in new processes. This led us to dare to launch LOVE BY OTADUY, a ready-to-wear collection for those brides who seek quality, immediacy and want to give a second life to the designs they’ll wear on B-Day.”


“This situation has made it a top priority for the company now and that we dedicate a lot of effort, since digitization is a fundamental pillar. I am very excited, because I also think it is very in tune with what Otaduy is, something very different”.


LOVE BY OTADUY is an online nature brand, for those brides looking for affordable, current wedding dresses that adapt to current trends and can be bought from anywhere, without having to travel to a city to visit stores or ateliers.


#2 What encouraged you to start the project?

“There is no doubt that the pandemic has completely transformed the way weddings are celebrated, at least for the moment, as well as the priorities of many of the brides and with it, also, the way of buying wedding dresses. With LOVE BY OTADUY we want to satisfy the needs of the brides of 2021, with an online service where they can buy not only the desired dress or combination but also the accessories and headdresses to compose the complete bridal look.”


#3 We love the flexibility of this ready-to-wear collection, including the fact that brides can return items if they require. Do you see brides wearing their chosen LOVE BY OTADUY pieces beyond the big day?

“We want to offer high quality designs, made in our atelier, affordable and for sale online that can be purchased from anywhere in the world. LOVE BY OTADUY has pieces that are between 150 and 950 euros, with national and international shipments and a return option within 15 days.


The sizes of the designs range from XS to XL, offering a wide range for all women. We are all wonderful and we always defend that our body is our temple.

Brides can find jumpsuits tied around the neck, minidresses that are combined with biker jackets, slip dresses and midi skirts combined with crop tops and lingerie tops, pants …


They are very versatile designs that will allow the bride to wear it not only on her wedding day. She can combine the tops with her jeans, the short dresses with sneakers, the pants with her jerseys … give a very sugary touch to clothes that are full of magical energy.”

#4 Talk us through the sustainable credentials of the new collection… 

“We want to bet on sustainability, and although now it is not possible to be 100% sustainable, we want to implement small actions that will lead us to achieve it.

In this sense, LOVE BY OTADUY designs are made with vegan fabrics and in line with the ready-to-wear aesthetic, designed to give the look a second life, and be reused once the wedding has passed.

The designs are made in our atelier, with expert and experienced dressmakers, and we are committed to a local business. In this way we reduce the carbon footprint.


The fabrics with which we make the LOVE BY OTADUY designs are vegan satin and vegan crepe.

In addition, we do not believe in overproduction, so we opted to work with limited stock, having a greater awareness of what we produce, and taking steps towards the path of sustainability.”


#5 Favourite look or separate from the line?

“We love all the designs, because they all allow us to create very different looks and adapt to very different styles. Both a more classic bride and a more daring bride can find their perfect look in LOVE BY OTADUY, combining the designs and playing with the accessories.


We really like two-piece looks, since we think they’re very daring designs, which adapt to the current situation and the most intimate weddings. What we like most about these types of designs is that the bride can use them once the wedding has been held very easily.

We love the combination of our skirts with the Malva or Magnolia crop top; it looks incredible.

What makes us fall in love with all the designs is that they are very minimal designs, which allow us to add more risky accessories to the look, which you can also find on our website. The idea is that brides find the total look on our page, and thus can optimize their time.”


“Veils are a perfect option to personalize the look.”



Photography: @pablo_laguia

Video: @puntoycoma_films

Venue: @lafinka4.1

Models: @laurendogma & @gora_bocos_

Makeup & Hair:

Gowns (designs): @lovebyotaduy

Hair accessories: @litoylola

Jewellery: @m_bureau


Discover more from this truly magical brand by heading on over to the Otaduy website.


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