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Morgan Davies Bridal
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“A lockdown cocktail…consisting of anything you can find in the house (go right to the back of your alcohol cupboard), in the funkiest glass you own with a funky straw (metal of course), consumed whilst listening to your favourite song.” Maddy of Morgan Davies Bridal on a beverage she feels would bring someone joy in lockdown

Award-winning bridal boutique, Morgan Davies London is celebrated throughout the industry for their luxury boutiques (they have one in both Hertfordshire and London), impeccable designer collections and ability to keep their collections fresh, diverse and on-point for the modern bride. Hanging elegantly from glimmering copper rails, brides will find a treasure box of designer gowns to peruse, from the likes of Bowen Dryden, to Stephanie Allin, Alon Livne, Inbal Dror, Rosa Clara and Alan Hannah (to name only a few). Plus, with an array of carefully curated accessories to explore (from glittering Botias headpieces to delicately sheer, polka dot Lara Rose bridal socks), no bride will be able to resist the lure of the Morgan Davies Bridal bridal experience. 

I caught up with Maddy of Morgan Davies Bridal to talk about all things lockdown 3.0…  

Morgan Davies Bridal

#1 We’ve just gone into Lockdown 3. In three words, describe how you are currently  feeling…  


#2 Talk to us about your usual daily routine for your business and how this will change in lockdown…  

“Our daily routine has been turned upside down. We have two gooorgeous boutiques in Hertfordshire and London which are usually open six days a week. We unfortunately cannot open either store which means our lovely brides have been forced to wait to find their wedding dress. There is only so much we can do from home unfortunately. We have been doing our best to keep the Instagram popping, creating content to keep our brides inspired but we cannot wait to be able to reopen our stores. 

Morgan Davies Bridal
Alon Livne

#3 How will/does lockdown impact your business, and how can people (brides/the  wedding industry) support you throughout?  

Lockdown has meant that we cannot work at all. Virtual appointments are great but we feel it is SO important for a bride to feel the dress, see it on her body, see the fabric and detail in person, so they are not very beneficial to us or to the bride. All anyone can do to support us is engage with our social media, stay positive and motivated and be ready to start planning their wedding again when we reopen!”

Morgan Davies Bridal

#4 Name three small businesses on Instagram you are supporting or would like to  support more…  

No.1@Blueskyflowers – they are AMAZING!”

No.2@botiashairandmakeup – also AMAZING!”

No.3@towngardenhitchin – gorgeous local flower company.”  

#5 Favourite lockdown snack? Has this evolved from lockdown 1?

“Apple and peanut butter!! I overindulged in lockdown no.1 so I am trying to keep away from the naughty stuff ahaha.”

Morgan Davies Bridal
Alba Turnbull Photography

#6 What’s your most recommended lockdown pick-me-up when you’re feeling down  during lockdown?

“I have been very lucky to have spent my lockdown with my family, that has been the best thing. Learning new skills and new hobbies has been amazing. In lockdown No.1 I spent my days making scrubs and washable bags for the NHS, in lockdown No.2 I started making amazing soy candles and lockdown No.3 I have bought a tufting gun and am going to start making rugs!!”

#7 What’s the item you can now NEVER find in the supermarket (and consequently  dreamt continuously about) during lockdown?

“Oyster ice cream wafers – absolute game changer – wafer, marshmallow, chocolate and coconut… amazing!!”

Morgan Davies Bridal
Alba Turnbull Photography

#8 Name a dinner/meal or beverage choice you feel might bring someone joy to their lockdown life…  

“A lockdown cocktail…consisting of anything you can find in the house (go right to the back of your alcohol cupboard), in the funkiest glass you own with a funky straw (metal of course), consumed whilst listening to your favourite song.”

#9 Talk us through what’s new at your brand…  

“We have some AMAZING new dresses that have arrived whilst we’re closed. New 2021 gowns from Alon Livne, Ersa Atelier, Stephanie Allin, Modeca, Anna Kara, Alan Hannah and Bowen-Dryden. We have several exclusive styles that you can only find at Morgan Davies too!”

Morgan Davies Bridal
Alon Livne

#10 What’s your lockdown outfit most days? Have you, say, developed an unhealthy  attachment to the elasticated waists of your leggings like myself? 

“My dressing gown is a must, all day every day and slippers of course!”

#11 What series have you now completed on Netflix/Amazon Prime etc.? Any  recommendations?  

“Too many… Night Stalker, Bridgerton, The End Of The F***ing World.”

Morgan Davies Bridal
Ersa Atelier 

#12 The person(s) you will hug first when social distancing is no longer in place? 

“My grandparents.”

#13 An act of kindness towards you that you’ve really appreciated during lockdown?  

“I loved the NHS clapping in lockdown No.1. It brought all the neighbours out together, we could get to know each other better from across the porch. I loved it.”

Natalie Stevenson Photography
Morgan Davies Bridal
Natalie Stevenson Photography

#14 For a little Instagram-escapism and positivity, what account would you recommend?  

“Georgia Toffolo – her outfit and styling videos are the best. She is so positive, happy, funny and creative, I have loved those!”

#15 Name three things the lockdown has made you grateful for:    

No.1 “Family.”

No.2 “The outdoors.”

No.3 “Time.”

#16 Which restaurant will you dine at first once restrictions are lifted again?  

Perilla, Stoke Newington.”

#17 What would be your five film recommendations to watch during lockdown…

Silence of the Lambs, Bridesmaids, Wolf of Wall Street, Friends with Benefits, The Wedding Singer.”

Natalie Stevenson Photography

#18 What book would be top of your lockdown book list?

Adnan’s Story: The Case That Inspired the Podcast Phenomenon Serial by Rabia Chaudry. An amazing story about a wrongful conviction. I am more of a podcast person but this book was amazing!”

#19 Name an odd purchase you’ve made during lockdown…  

“Tufting gun, ice cream maker, Juicer, acrylic nail kit, LVL kit, there’s too many to mention haha…”

#20 The best gift you received this festive period?  

“A wooden jewellery box, French polished by my dad.”

Natalie Stevenson Photography
Natalie Stevenson Photography

#21 Name a brand you would love to collaborate with…  

Jessica McCormack – her diamonds are to die for.”

Natalie Stevenson Photography

#22 What’s your advice to lockdown brides?  

“Stay positive, stay motivated, keep your eyes on your favourite brand’s social media for new content and do not put too much pressure on yourself. There are so many brides that have been forced to push things back that they didn’t want to, we will work with whatever timescale you have!”

Natalie Stevenson Photography

#23 Your favourite beverage?  

“I do love an espresso martini or an icy gin and tonic.”

Natalie Stevenson Photography

#24 Name your favourite magazine to curl up with… 

Vogue always.”

Natalie Stevenson Photography

Head to Morgan-Davies Bridal’s beautiful bridal website for further information on the brands they stock and more.

Natalie Stevenson Photography

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Natalie Stevenson Photography

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