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Opal Living

“Shopping small is the best thing anyone can do right now and even if you can’t, a share on social media can do amazing things!” Victoria of Opal Living on how we can support small businesses during lockdown

Opal Living is the ultimate pit-stop for all things bohemian and lifestyle (we’re talking shell candles in delicate pastel shades, glorious baskets made for the ultimate shelfie and a Rise & Shine bath mat that, currently, I’m rather obsessed by (read: very obsessed by). Prepare to fall hard for their beautifully curated Instagram feed, cool website and endless obsession with creating interior goodness that every gal will want to fill her home with – especially in lockdown (because who doesn’t need a treat right now?) I managed to catch up with Opal Living’s founder, Victoria to get the lowdown on her lockdown 3.0… 

#1 We’ve just gone into Lockdown 3. In three words, describe how you are currently feeling… 

No.1 “Aware.”

No.2 “Uncertain.

No.3 “Careful.”

#2 Talk to us about your usual daily routine for your business and how this will change in lockdown… 

“My routine is pretty much the same, in lockdown and out of lockdown, as I work from home. I launched Opal Living in August 2020 – normal life wasn’t happening then either.”

Opal Living

#3 How will/does lockdown impact your business, and how can people (brides/the wedding industry) support you throughout?

“As my store is online only, I thankfully haven’t seen too much of an impact that perhaps a brick and mortar store may have. Shopping small is the best thing anyone can do right now and even if you can’t, a share on social media can do amazing things!”

#4 Name three small businesses on Instagram you are supporting or would like to support more…

“So hard to pick just three! There are so many amazing small businesses out there right now!

No.1 @terrahomeware 

No.2 @fullcircleflorals


Opal Living

#5 Favourite lockdown snack?

“Swedish buns (kanelbullar) from my local coffee shop.”

#6 What’s your most recommended lockdown pick-me-up when you’re feeling down during lockdown?

“Either a walk in the fresh air or a good podcast.”

#7 Name a dinner/meal or beverage choice you feel might bring someone joy to their lockdown life…

“A massive chocolate cake.”

Opal Living

#9 Talk us through what’s new at your brand…

“We have some gorgeous new Twisted Dinner Candles that have just arrived in pastel hues ready for spring.”

#10 What’s your lockdown outfit most days? Have you, say, developed an unhealthy attachment to the elasticated waists of your leggings like myself?

“Always sweatpants.”

#11 What series have you now completed on Netflix/Amazon Prime etc.? Any recommendations?

“One of my favs, which is a must watch, is Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. SO funny.”

Opal Living

#12 The person(s) you will hug first when social distancing is no longer in place?

“My 90 year old grandparents.”

#13 An act of kindness towards you that you’ve really appreciated during lockdown?

“My wedding photographer sent a mini Christmas tree from Bloom & Wild in the post as a pick me up in December, just lovely!”

#14 For a little Instagram-escapism and positivity, what account would you recommend?

@iamtabithabrown, her smile alone will brighten your day.”

#15 Name three things the lockdown has made you grateful for: 

No.1 “Fiancé.”

No.2 “Cats.”

No.3 “Home.”

#16 Which restaurant will you dine at first once restrictions are lifted again?

“Probably our local Japanese restaurant, for a big bowl of Ramen.”  

Opal Living

#17 What would be your five film recommendations to watch during lockdown…

Dirty Dancing, Lost In Translation, Practical Magic and Mermaids Clue.”

#18 What book would be top of your lockdown book list?

“I love reading so I couldn’t possible choose one, but anything with a murder mystery.”

Opal Living

#19 Name an odd purchase you’ve made during lockdown…

“I can’t say I have made an odd purchase, but I have made a life changing purchase of an Espresso machine. Its been a life saver having perfect coffee at my finger tips every day!”

#20 The best gift you received this festive period?

“Some Hunter wellies, for all the muddy winter walks.”

#21 Name a brand you would love to collaborate with…

“I am loving Aussie brands currently with their beachy style. As I am looking into starting a loungewear line as part of Opal Living, The Lullaby Club would be amazing to collab with.”

#22 What’s your advice to lockdown brides?

“As a fellow bride-to-be, just hang in there, this situation is out of our control so we have to wait but it will be worth it!”

#23 Your favourite beverage?

“G&T or if i’m feeling bougie, champagne.”

#24 Name your favourite magazine to curl up with.

Elle Decoration.”

Discover more about Opal Living and the cool products they offer, head to the Opal Living website STAT.

Opal Living

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