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“I don’t think I’ve ever worn so much stretch jersey in my life. The best item I’ve purchased in the last 10 months (and one of very few) is a new set of sweatshirt and pants by Girlfriend Collective that are made from recycled plastic bottles.” Annelise, Owner of The Fall Bride bridal boutique on her lockdown outfit most days

Calling all COOL AF brides. The Fall bridal boutique is a destination for the modern woman awash with modern bridal inspiration. Designed with the independent woman in mind (who throws away the rule book and treads her own path), no bride will be able to resist this unique bridal store’s allure. Curated for brides looking for, what they call, a “simple and elevated alternative to bridal shopping”, The Fall’s rails glint magically with the presence of many a luxe bridal designer (selected not just for their style and high quality of craftsmanship, but also their ethos and values). Prepare to delve into a treasure box of amazing bridal creatives, from Sophie Et Voila to Harriette Gordon, & For Love, Nikeen Asar, Paris Georgia and Lola Varma. Not to mention, some SWOON-WORTHY accessories from the likes of A.M. Faulkner and Lelet NY. Booking an appointment already? I thought so. I caught up with Annelise to get the lowdown on her lockdown.

The Fall
Annalise, Owner of The Fall Bride.

#1 We’ve just gone into Lockdown 3. In three words, describe how you are currently feeling…

“Frustrated, disappointed, hopeful.”

#2 Talk to us about your usual daily routine for your business and how this will change in lockdown…

“My typical day would involve back-to-back appointments (up to eight a day on a weekend) with short gaps in between to catch up on emails, admin and grab a quick bite to eat. This has obviously completely changed! 

I now spend most days at home helping brides via video consultations, email and Instagram. Twice a week I drive to the showroom and ship out/receive back our Home Try Ons

One tiny silver lining is that I have been able to pause, reflect, and enjoy small things like going for walks with a fresh coffee.” 

#3 How will/does lockdown impact your business, and how can people (brides/the wedding industry) support you throughout?

“Lockdown has all but destroyed industries that are event-based, like the wedding industry. But we and many of our peers are still here and still fighting to survive this with you.

We’ve had some lovely messages from brides, it means a lot to us! The best way for us to support each other at the moment is through our Home Try On service, and we also spent Lockdown 1 developing The Fall Directory, which supports brides, our friends and peers in the wedding industry as well as ourselves.”

The Fall
Dress: 2.2 Organza Mini by Harriette Gordon |  Hello Chloe May photography

#4 Name three small businesses on Instagram you are supporting or would like to support more…

No.1@carla_cascales_alimbau – a sculptor and painter from Barcelona, her work give me a deep sense of calm.”

No.2@byrebeccabrennanbrown – she shares very helpful tips for brides trying to navigate wedding planning during Covid.”

No.3@studiooudizo – I recently bought a Calligraphy Workshop and tool kit for a friend, and I’m now kind of jealous so I’m thinking of trying it myself.”

#5 Favourite lockdown snack?

“A selection of crisps, the flavours seem to be getting more and more ridiculous – I got some Iberico Ham flavoured ones the other day!”

#6 What’s your most recommended lockdown pick-me-up when you’re feeling down during lockdown? What’s getting you through the days?

“SO MANY CUPS OF TEA! I’ve never been a tea drinker until now, but it is comforting and has become a ritual.”

#7 What’s the item you can now NEVER find in the supermarket (and consequently dreamt continuously about) during lockdown?

“Thankfully they’re back in stock, but there was a while we couldn’t get eggs or flour. I’ve never wanted to bake or eat eggs so badly.”

#8 Name a dinner/meal or beverage choice you feel might bring someone joy to their lockdown life…

“If you’re London-based, get a Sunday Roast delivered from Jones & Sons – seriously!”

#9 Talk us through what’s new at your brand…

“We’re currently hosting an extended pop-up of Jessica Bennett’s collection – it’s available for Home Try On and will be here when we reopen again until 5th May 2021. We’re also looking forward to hosting Harriette Gordon’s Sonnet XVII for a trunk show in April, and & For Love’s Summer Garden collection in May!”

#10 What’s your lockdown outfit most days? Have you, say, developed an unhealthy attachment to the elasticated waists of your leggings like myself?

“I don’t think I’ve ever worn so much stretch jersey in my life. The best item I’ve purchased in the last 10 months (and one of very few) is a new set of sweatshirt and pants by Girlfriend Collective that are made from recycled plastic bottles.”

The Fall
Sleeper Zephyr Gloves available at The Fall Bride 

#11 What series have you now completed on Netflix/Amazon Prime etc.? Any recommendations?

“I recently binged Dark – which is incredible – and am now countering the intensity of that with some light watching with Bling Empire (a true guilty pleasure!).”

#12 The person(s) you will hug first when social distancing is no longer in place?

“I will fly to the states and hug my parents!”

#13 An act of kindness towards you that you’ve really appreciated during lockdown?

“A friend recently sent me a big bunch of dried flowers to celebrate The Fall turning one, it was really unexpected and very sweet!”

#14 For a little Instagram-escapism and positivity, what account would you recommend?


#15 Name three things the lockdown has made you grateful for:

No.1 “The never-ending emotional support and rock-solid calm of my partner.”

No.2 “Proper coffee.”

No.3 “My cat, even though she is a bitch sometimes.”

The Fall
Above: Sophie Et Voila’s Blanche dress – one of our favourites.
We are excited to be welcoming Spanish designer Sophie Et Voila to our permanent collections at The Fall! We have chosen some of the label’s incredibly beautiful, architectural pieces.

#16 Which restaurant will you dine at first once restrictions are lifted again?

Gloria on Great Eastern Street.”

#17 What would be your five film recommendations to watch during lockdown…


True Romance


Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

Dark (sorry it’s a series – but watch it!).”

#18 What book would be top of your lockdown book list?

Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers – intriguing and touching.”

#19 Name an odd purchase you’ve made during lockdown…

“An egg slicer (it’s the Scandinavian in me) as I was Marie-Kondo-ing my kitchen and realised the old one was broken.”

#20 The best gift you received this festive period?

“A coffee-themed hamper including snacks, a Christmas brew, and homemade espresso martini in a bottle.”

Verona by Kamperett – 2021 bridal collection

#21 Name a brand you would love to collaborate with…

“I would love to do an exclusive The Fall capsule collection with any of our designers! Maybe I should get on that ASAP…”

#22 What’s your advice to lockdown brides?

“Don’t wait too late to make a decision – lots of our dresses take 6-7 months to be ready and if you leave it late then not everything will be possible. They don’t expire so plan for the best case scenario, and contingency plan for the worst.

If you’re uncertain if your date will go ahead, pick pieces that can transition into a different season or location (e.g. downsizing to a town hall / small celebration) if you think it might be necessary. A lot can be done simply by how you style the look and we can help with this.”

#23 Your favourite beverage?

Black Lines bottled cocktails – I got the Elderflower Collins delivered this week and it is so good!”

#24 Name your favourite magazine to curl up with.

Together Journal or Cereal Magazine.”

Discover more about The Fall Bride and their wonderful selection of wedding dresses via their beautiful website.

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