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 Let’s talk about the ring. The – sometimes baffling – world of diamond shapes, stones and technical jargon can cause any bride or groom to break into an anxiety-induced sweat (especially if we start throwing about bewildering phrases like ‘1.00CT’ and ‘high G/Vs’). Luckily for you, the experts at The Diamond Store have your back and have, very kindly, written a guest post breaking down the different ring styles so you don’t find yourself screaming “emerald baguette is what?!” at 2am and scaring your fiancé half to death. 

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If you hinted at your partner that your dream engagement ring is a double halo vintage ring, would they understand what you mean? Whilst a good jeweller can help you navigate the tricky, jargon-y diamond choices, the person who the ring is for will be more concerned about its style (after all, they’ll be wearing it for the rest of their life). That’s why we’ve designed this little ring styles guide to help you. It explains seven different, gorgeous ring styles so that you can effortlessly identify the perfect one for you.

#1 Solitaire Diamond Rings

This classic ring style has a single diamond, called a ‘solitaire’. For people who want a timeless engagement ring, it’s a beautiful choice. Usually, the diamond is held in place by tiny ‘claws’. This allows a lot of light to enter the diamond, giving you maximum sparkle. Solitaire rings come in a huge variety of diamond shapes – round diamond cuts, princess cuts (square), emerald cuts (rectangular), pear shaped (teardrop), cushion cuts (square with rounded corners). So if you’re in doubt about style, you can rarely go wrong with a single, sparkling diamond that symbolises your everlasting love.

#2 Halo Engagement Rings

Ring Styles

Halo rings are the ultimate ring design for those who love luxury. They usually have a solitaire diamond or a cluster of gems in the centre, encircled by lots of small diamonds that create a sparkling ‘halo’ around the middle. This ring style can have any shape including round, square, pear or cushion cuts. What’s more, you can also have double or multiple halos or halos made with pink or yellow diamonds. It is a fantastic way to take a simple solitaire and make it look much bigger and sparklier. 

#3 Diamond Cluster Rings

Ring Styles

Diamond cluster rings are ideal if you’re looking for something unique. In a cluster ring, multiple small diamonds are set close together to form patterns or to imitate one large diamond. They are very versatile, offering multiple designs, including square, round, oval, pear, rectangular and even heart-shaped rings. As an added advantage, several small diamonds together cost less per carat than one large solitaire. So by choosing a cluster design you can get a much bigger ring for your budget.

#4 Trilogy rings

Trilogy rings, also called three-stone rings, have three diamonds on the band. A trilogy ring symbolises the past, present and future of your relationship. This is a beautiful sentiment for an engagement ring. The main advantage of a trilogy ring is that it offers three times the sparkle of a solitaire. As an added bonus, you can also personalise your trilogy ring with coloured gems if you wish.

#5 Diamond Sidestone Rings

Ring Styles

Sidestones, also called shoulder stones, are small diamonds that are placed on the ring’s band on both sides of the main setting. Sidestones are fantastic for adding extra luxury and radiance to any engagement ring. For instance, if you love the simple elegance of a solitaire ring but you’re missing that little bit of extra luxury, you could choose a solitaire with sidestones and have both. Alternatively, you could choose a halo or cluster ring with sidestones for ultimate opulence.

#6 Vintage Style Rings

Ring Styles

Vintage style rings echo the romantic designs of days gone by. Often, they are variations of diamond halo ring and cluster rings. Today, you can have the lavish geometric diamond patterns of the Art Deco era, or the intricate gold lace of Victorian rings, all translated into modern designs that look stunning and feel comfortable to wear. There are many different vintage style rings to choose from, so all you have to do is pick your favourite vintage era and ask your jeweller.

#7 Illusion Set Rings

Ring Styles

In an illusion ring, the metal setting is patterned in a way that mimics the light-reflecting facets of a diamond. But, in fact, the ring is set with only a few small diamonds. The illusion setting is a vintage style that was popular in the Victorian era, but is now making a huge comeback. It’s a beautiful option when you want luxurious sparkle at an affordable price.

#8 Gemstone rings

Ring Styles

Finally, if you want something rare, different and luxurious, you cannot go wrong with a gemstone ring. Blue sapphire rings have a royal history, including Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. But it’s not your only option. Pink sapphires, rubies, aquamarines and tanzanite gemstones rank close to the hardness of diamonds and this makes them excellent for life-long wear. Even green emeralds, if worn with care, can be suited to engagement rings. If you’re not sure about a diamond, then this could be the perfect alternative for you.

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