Jovana Djuric | Modern Jewellery for the Modern Bride

Jovana Djuric
Photography by Walt Lindweld

“I want my jewellery to be there with as an ally you on your journey,  deep into the night, in the darkest hour, to remind you how beautiful and strong you already are. I believe in you, I believe in us, we are on this beautiful journey together: building each other up, building the sisterhood together, and recreating the world based on happiness and love, not fear and pain. Ushering a new Life.” Jovana Djuric 

The achingly cool, contemporary jewellery designs by Jovana Djuric recently landed in my inbox, and instantly I thought: BOY would these be an elegant, cool touch for the alternative bride taking to the aisle… 

Having worked for the likes Givenchy previously, the jewellery designer unveiled her eponymous collection of unique, sculptural jewellery designs with a desire to craft inspiring, refined forms that rise above what she see’s as a currently “cluttered world”. The Serbian-born, New York City-based artist’s latest collection, Horus, brings timelessly cool designs to the table, that will instantly lift a more modern bridal look and bring it a truly coveted edge. 

Jovana Djuric
Photography by Walt Lindweld

“The driving force behind my designs is the idea that a piece of jewellery created in metal will last forever. That resilience gives me focus and the determination to create pieces that are as timeless as the women who wear them. Pieces that inspire and provide power within the wearer. Jewellery that demands focus, while serving as a medium of focus itself.” Jovana Djuric

And, I’m in no doubt you’ll want to wear Jovana Djuric’s beautiful pieces not only down the aisle, but endlessly beyond. 

Discover more modern jewellery pieces from Jovana Djuric via her website

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