Hermione de Paula | Demi Couture Collection ‘Kado’

Want to wear a masterpiece down the aisle? Meet the magical, romance-infused creations of couture trained and highly revered designer, Hermione de Paula and the label’s latest Demi Couture collection, Kado

Many a bride has fallen under the Hermione de Paula spell, where dresses and designs arrive and seduce in a riot of delicately soft colours, intriguing hand embroidery and hand-painted prints; generating an endless storm of stardust in their wake, with every twist and turn they take. The designer’s latest collection, Kado brings the label’s signature style to the table with a new influence: the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging: Kadō. 

The tradition of Kadō is, as the brand states, “literally translated as ‘way of flowers’” and “presents individual blossoms one at a time, building up an arrangement, allowing the viewer to enjoy each aspect of the whole.” Hermione de Paula has taken inspiration from this process, looking at each of her individual designs as individual parts of a whole – the whole being the entire collection. The Demi Couture line itself starts with the designer’s most enduring, and signature, silhouettes, before allowing the bride to help create something truly unique to them to take to the aisle in. 

Bride’s will want to dive headfirst into Hermione de Paula’s treasure box of scintillating silhouettes where everything from heart-stopping voluminous embroidered tulle skirts rise and enticing embellishments rules. Take your hemline from high mini to aisle-sweeping low and long, with mermaid trains rippling behind you. And, when it comes to the customisation, with over 300 personalisation options to choose from (think: everything from show-stopping overskirts to removable sleeves and embroidered initials) Hermione de Paula has allowed a little bit of magic to seep into your hands, and turn her phenomenal work into something truly unique to you and you alone. 

In Kadō tradition, every flower communicates a special message. It is this language of symbolism which lies at the core of Hermione de Paula and a collection celebrating artistic expression of the heart and mind.Hermione de Paula

Discover more from the Kado collection and the customisation options at Hermione de Paula.

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Fashion & Art Direction: @saragilmour 

Photography: @brendanfreemanphoto 

Makeup: @nicolabrittin 

Hair: @rokuroppongi 

Models: @cruz_lina29 @kateryna.lashko 

Fine Jewellery: @cthompsonroyds 


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