BAR Jewellery | Launches BAR Bride 

BAR Jewellery recently announced the arrival of their new bridal jewellery collection, BAR Bride. 

BAR Bride 

If it’s a cool, contemporary vibe you’re searching for in the form of clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, BAR Bride’s responsibly produced debut collection brings forth exactly that. Get ready to tap into BAR Jewellery’s achingly cool, laid-back spirit with their free-flowing, sculptural designs. Prepare to fawn over everything from the label’s elegant Wide Ripple Bracelet to the looping nature of their Opposing Forms Earrings and relish the their free-spirited Enfold Earrings that glide elegantly around the ear.

BAR Jewellery

Born to be WORN always: BAR Jewellery

Designed to be worn WAY beyond the wedding day, BAR Jewellery’s BAR Bride collection brings with it a certain effortless vibe. These pieces aren’t just aisle-worthy, they’ve been carefully curated by founder, Sophie McKay to fit comfortably into the cool bride’s modern, everyday wardrobe post-wedding too. 

BAR Jewellery

The Script Necklace by BAR Jewellery

And, the label’s Script Necklace (a personalised design to celebrate your bridesmaids and bridal party with – might we add), in all its refined elegance, is something to treasure forever. Handcrafted in BAR Jewellery’s London studio using a new technique developed by the designer, these sumptuous creations will make for the ideal keepsake. 

BAR Jewellery

What to wear BAR Jewellery’s BAR Bride collection with?

For me, I can instantly visualise BAR Bride’s contemporary aesthetic working effortlessly alongside everything from Bon Bride to KYHA, Jane Hill to Rime Arodaky. If you’ve opted for simple, clean lines in the dress department, then BAR Bride’s cool aesthetic will work wonders when paired with it.

BAR Jewellery

Made To Order

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, BAR Bride also offers up a bespoke offering: a made-to-order service where brides can request something truly unique. 

Discover more from BAR Jewellery’s BAR Bride collection (prices range from £69 – £295). 

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