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Jeanne & Co
The Gigi by Jeanne & Co

“I just love women who are a driving force in their fields, women who are changing the game, women who are making a difference. I am inspired daily.” Casey Jeanne, Founder of Jeanne & Co

Good luck scrolling through Jeanne & Co’s scintillating Instagram feed and not falling in love. Whether it’s the The Gigi earrings and their statement allure, that freshwater pearl clutch (The Chloe, oh Chloe) or those achingly delicate lingerie pieces that steal your heart, Jeanne & Co’s digital treasure box is fast becoming a coveted bridal accessory pit-stop for modern brides (a pit-stop brides will re-visit time and time again to re-fuel with the latest designs). Threaded with the founder’s innate eye for cool bridal style, each and every Jeanne & Co design is handcrafted with the utmost love and expertise, bringing brides items that will not only last a lifetime, but tell stories of love, life and a whirlwind of romance as they go. I managed to catch up with Casey Jeanne of Jeanne & Co to talk about her business journey and her version of Taking The Plunge, including the highs, the lows, the first jobs, the worst jobs and the tech she can’t live without… 

Jeanne & Co

Name: Casey Jeanne

Business: Jeanne & Co

Date you took the plunge: Est. May 2019

#1 In a nutshell, describe your business/brand – what do you offer?

“The Jeanne and co brand was born as a love child in a small studio space in Durban, South Africa. A ‘passion business’ fuelled by moments, memories and of course, love. The focus of these labour-of-love pieces is all about the bride and her journey. Moments of love are woven together to create unique pieces.”

Jeanne & Co

#2 What’s your career background? Has it always been in the wedding industry? 

“My career background is fashion and couture. My main brand has become known for bridal, red carpet and once-off pieces.” 

#3 What planted the seed of your business idea? Did it strike you suddenly?

“My brides were in desperate need of bridal accessories that were unique and special. There wasn’t a huge offering available especially in South Africa. After years of brides telling me the same old story, I eventually took the plunge. It was a full circle moment since I did jewellery in high school for pocket money!” 

Jeanne & Co

#4 Describe the moment you decided to TAKE THE PLUNGE (what did this involve? Handing in your notice?)

“Thankfully I am the owner and director of my first brand (Casey Jeanne Atelier), and my second (Jeannelle l’Amour Bridal), so I had the ‘freedom’ to take the plunge. I was going through a tough time in my personal life and put all my energy and spare time into the Jeanne & Co concept, and so it was born!” 

#5 Describe how the first day of building your own business felt: 

“Scary and exciting… so exciting! You just want everyone to love what you do.” 

Jeanne & Co

#6 The highs – what have they been so far?

“Servicing brides from all over the world! It has been so incredible.” 

#7 The lows – how did you move past them? What did you learn?

“Lows have been the lessons learnt in business… you make mistakes, that’s okay but as long as you learn from it.” 

Jeanne & Co

#8 If you could tell yourself three things when you first started the business – what would they be?

No.1 “JUST DO IT!” 

No.2 “Stock inventory is super important and have this system ONLINE.”

No.3 “You need help, you can’t do this all on your own.” 

#9 Your tips for those dreaded lying-awake-at-3am times? (Counting sheep? Glass of water? Get up? Meditate? Read?)

“I listen to podcasts… it allows my mind time to rest and not run, while also learning something new.” 

Jeanne & Co

#10 Your top organisational tip?

“I have a system in place, much like The Home Edit. That’s the only way you can run an organised business. The clear boxes are my best, and labels! Label label label.” 

#11 Who inspired you? Or inspires you in business?

“I just love women who are a driving force in their fields, women who are changing the game, women who are making a difference. I am inspired daily.” 

Jeanne & Co

#12 An app/piece of tech you now couldn’t live without for your business:

“TRELLO… omg, the lists!” 

#13 Your first ever job was…

“I worked in a surf shop at 12 years old at holiday time… crazy!” 

#14 Your top social media tip?

“Gosh, pre-plan otherwise the days, weeks and months just go by and your social media falls behind.” 

#15 The brand you’d love to collaborate with and why…

Naeem Khan. I am just absolutely obsessed with everything about this brand.” 

#16 Name a business/social media account(s) – that have helped/inspired you with your business?

“A.B.Ellie (@a.b.ellie) for sure, love her style. LOVE Naeem Khan (@naeemkhannyc).” 

#17 Your fav social media tool: (Pinterest? Instagram? LinkTree? Etc.)


#18 Your advice to those looking to TAKE THE PLUNGE:

“JUST DO IT! And enjoy it.” 

Rapid Fire Questions: Jeanne & Co

#1 You’re in Starbucks, what do you order? 

“Something like a (hot or iced) spiced chai with almond milk. I don’t drink coffee (probably one of the only people on the planet!)” 

#2 Your worst job was… 

“Waitressing and promotions… I’m so glad that part of my life is long over.” 

#3 If you didn’t do what you do…what would you do? 

“Something design orientated… I love property, I love extreme before/after projects. And I love brand development from a creative aspect.” 

#4 Work day pick-me-up: 

“A cup of tea and a cuddle with my doggies :).” 

Discover more beautiful bridal accessories and jewellery designs from Jeanne & Co – not to mention the label’s glorious Instagram feed @jeanneandco

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